If you love to cook, chances are you spend a lot of time each day in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home, you want this room to be inviting, full of positive energy, and attractive to your family. The kitchen should be a place where you enjoy spending time preparing food for your family. It should also be an area where family members gather to enjoy time spent together. If you are the primary “family chef” in your household, here are some great ways to add a bit of positive feng shui to your kitchen.

Create an Efficient and Clutter-Free Kitchen Space

One of the most important things you can do in your kitchen is to keep it free from clutter. Not only is a cluttered kitchen very uninviting, it can also create an unsafe environment in which to work. Although you might think that it is convenient to store items on the countertop, these items could actually be hindering your effectiveness and efficiency in the kitchen. Start by taking a look at your kitchen. Are there items on your countertop that you only use on an occasional basis? If so, remove them from the countertop and store them in a cabinet or on a shelf instead. Once your countertops are cleared, you’ll feel more energized in the kitchen. Positive energy will also flow more freely throughout the entire kitchen.

You should also focus on the floor of the kitchen. If you are currently storing anything stacked on the floor, try to find another alternative storage method. Items on the floor can definitely block the free flow of positive energy throughout a room. Plus, when you stack items on the floor of the kitchen, you are creating potentially dangerous safety hazards. Finally, you should turn your attention to the knives that you use in the kitchen. For the sake of safety and to prevent them from cutting into the room’s chi energy, they should be stored in drawers instead of on the countertop.

Keep Shelves and Cabinets Organized

Once you have the countertop areas and the floor of the kitchen clean and organized, it’s time to turn your attention to the shelves and cabinets. In feng shui, hidden clutter is considered to be just as detrimental as visible clutter. So, don’t just stuff everything into the cabinet and close the door in your attempt to maintain a neat and tidy kitchen appearance. Not only will cabinet clutter disturb the flow of positive energy in your kitchen, but it will also make it an unpleasant area in which to work. When you are stressed by not being able to find the things you need, you will naturally transfer this stress to your environment and to other family members. Instead, keep shelves and cabinets well organized so that both you and your kitchen radiate positive energy, happiness and beauty. Once this is done, you’ll undoubtedly find that your family will enjoy even more good times together in the kitchen.

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