Feeling empty is often a product of missing something you need. When you experience emptiness, it often follows an event where you lose something or someone that was very important to you. Sometimes, feeling empty happens when you realize you need something more or different in your life to feel complete again.

Regardless of what your missing needs are, understanding them so you can successfully fulfill them is important for healing your inner emptiness.

What can cause a person to feel like they’re missing some major needs?

There are a few common reasons why a person may feel like they’re missing some major needs in their life.

You experienced a major loss of an important person in your life.

Sometimes this refers to death; when a loved one passes away, their physical presence in your life can feel so impossible to ever fill with anything else again, and this is understandable — the lost loved one was unique and played an important role in your normal, daily life.

Besides experiencing a loved one’s death, you can also experience a major loss when your relationship with someone changes. For example, the ending of a romantic relationship, familial relationship, or friendship.

When these types of relationships end or change drastically, it can feel as challenging as a death — the change of space they consumed in your life can feel like a void when they’re missing from it.

You aren’t feeling stimulated or challenged enough at work or school.

Perhaps you find yourself second guessing your pathway at school, wishing you’d chosen a different field of study. After years in the same career, you may feel bored, wondering why you’d even chosen to enter this field in the first place.

When you begin to experience a lack of challenge or stimulation from what drives your academic or professional goals, it can feel like you’re missing some important needs in your life. People often tie their careers and education into their passions, and when those passions are missing from your life, you can feel quite empty.

You feel you can’t get a grasp on your daily schedule or a good routine.

Sometimes life can feel so noisy, busy, and chaotic that it’s difficult to really enjoy it or find the meaning in it. This can cause a need for stability and purpose, and without fulfilling that need, you can feel quite empty.

Even if you’re living a “full life” by definition — you’re busy at work, busy with friends, busy with responsibilities, busy with family — you struggle to feel like you really have a good schedule that supports you feeling like your life has true meaning. Feeling like you’re merely shuffling in between obligations and responsibilities can feel quite empty.

You feel like you aren’t on the path to meet your highest potential.

Realizing that you aren’t working toward becoming your best self can be an empty experience. You may feel like you’re totally empty inside when you realize you aren’t meeting your need of becoming successful and self-actualized.

You may experience this feeling if you realize that you’re on the wrong pathway in life, especially if that pathway formerly felt correct for you. Realizing something you once thought to be a good choice is no longer your best option and can leave you feeling empty.

You think you have some needs that are going unfulfilled, so what can be done to help fulfill them and feel less empty inside?

Consider the following strategies to fulfill missing needs in your life.

Begin your process by pinpointing exactly what’s causing you to experience feeling empty.

This may seem obvious, but sometimes finding the root causes behind why you’re experiencing emptiness can be quite challenging. Emptiness is a complex experience that may be totally devoid of specific emotion — when it feels like there’s literally something missing from your life, trying to determine that unknown piece can feel a lot like detective work.

Practice some careful self-reflection or reach out to a friend to discuss how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking to dig down into what’s really sparking your feelings of emptiness.

Think of your emptiness like hunger.

When you feel hungry, you may ask yourself a series of questions, such as…

What nutrients does my body need right now?

What would taste good to me right now?

What would make my hunger feel satisfied right now?

By answering these questions, you can determine the specific food you’d like to eat to satisfy your hunger. Determining how to fill your inner emptiness works similarly. When determining what would help fill your emptiness, ask yourself versions of those same hunger questions…

What does my spirit and soul need right now?

What would be appealing to ease my emptiness right now?

What would make my inner emptiness feel satisfied right now?

Think of experiencing emptiness like hunger — your soul is hungry for some missing aspect in your life and determining how to fill it is like deciding what foods you want when you’re physically hungry.

Take baby steps to fill your emptiness.

When you’re feeling empty, that emptiness can be quite the chasm. It’s very likely that you won’t completely resolve your feelings of emptiness overnight. Rather than attempting to change your complete mood and mindset in one big overture, give yourself time to take baby steps toward filling that big, empty feeling inside yourself. Your emptiness likely didn’t grow that large overnight, and it’ll also take a while to feel better again, too.

For example, think to yourself: What is one small thing I could do to make my emptiness feel a little better or easier right now? Taking small actions like these can feel insignificant at first, but these small actions add up quickly — over time, you’ll notice yourself defaulting to making emptiness-filling choices and building stronger habits that lead to consistent change rather than quick fixes that fade away.

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Judi Moreo is the Ultimate Achievement Coach. In addition, she is an author, an artist, a hypnotherapist, an NLP practitioner, and a television show host of “What’s Your Story?” on the WWDB-TV Network on Roku. If you would like to contact Judi, you may do so at judi@judimoreo.com