We live in a world filled with noise. Sometimes it can be hard to focus, to truly focus on everything around us. We find ourselves tuning things out. Tuning out our spouses, tuning out the children, tuning out the construction across the street, tuning out the planes landing at a near by airport, tuning out our bosses and co-workers. We tune out much of what is around us and live in our minds. But our minds are not much better. Soo many thoughts, past, present and future. What it comes down to, is we are really not LIVING in the moment.
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We end up in a fog, living and breathing and going about our every day duties, but not really enjoying what we do. And it isn’t until someone or something brings us out of that fog that we finally see what our life has become. Sometimes it’s a tragedy, or a life threatening event or sometimes it’s just a final call for help and a desire for a new beginning. But the wonderful thing is, when it happens, your life is never the same.

You start to see everything as it really is. The sun is brighter, the grass is greener, your appreciation for things is greatly increased. With all the noise and busy life…when do you take time for yourself to feel the world around you? When is the last time you took a walk and literally enjoyed the fresh air, the grass under your feet, the sounds of birds, the smile of a passer-by…all the simple things this earth offers us. Do you remember the joy of laying in the yard and watching the cloud formations? Or digging deep in the earth to carve out a village with your best buddies. Playing is not just for kids. Why should we only enjoy life in the beginning?

I am sure that if you took 1 hour a day for yourself and did something fun, something freeing….your life would be much happier.

So live a little, take time out for you. Smell the roses, touch the fall leaves, take deep breaths of fresh air, calm your soul and pay attention to what is around you. It can be an amazing experience.

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Elisa Stella

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