Executive Automats 365 records user actions and business processes performed in the system and replays them for various testing purposes, under different conditions such as functional tests, regression tests, performance tests, and security performance analysis creation and optimization. It is dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations but it is not limited to it. It can also handle other web-based applications and platforms, it can easily record and manage your business processes performed in MS D365 for sales, outlook, SAP Hybris, Google, and many others. It is a SaaS-based application, you do not need to download any application in your system.

Features of Executive Automats tool
Create scripts by recording real users performing their day-to-day tasks and business processes in the system
Once you are happy with the scripts and scenarios you have created, you can play them back at any time on demand or schedule, running in the background or in the foreground
You can feed your script with external data from excel, and manage the flow of variables by retrieving data from another script, meaning the result of one script could be input data for another
In the logs tab, you can check the performance of your scripts and scenarios, you can see the execution times and individual steps, and analyze what went wrong if an error occurs
Executive Automats helps you save a lot of time and money, normally spent manually testing code developments It ensures that your processes work properly, allows you to analyze and track the efficiency of your process, schedule and perform automated functional regression, and performance tests
You can quickly create your project, plan the execution and react when something goes wrong this approach will make your life easier, with upgrade implementation and rollout process
You will get a screenshot of each recorded step
Able to build really good test cases for UAT
This is works on the web-based application, it works out of the box for dynamics and it built for Microsoft
You can generate a report of your test execution in a pdf or doc file according to the settings
Feature of EA tool

Features of Executive Automats recorder
Once you record the script you can easily modify it
You can record the step within the script, duplicate or delete them, you can loop actions, assign and use variables
Recorder allows you to change the steps as you wish
It allows you to add conditions
It allows you to change the recording position and add new steps
EA tool interface
The following figure shows the main screen of the Executive Automats application

Projects: It show the all project created in EA toolEA Tool
Scripts: Show the all scripts that recorded by EA
Script is representation of business process that is recorded by the EA tool
On create new script form, fill necessary data – Project, name, environment, take screenshot, show overlay hintEA Tools Scripts
Allows you to define plays of selected scripts with start time, frequency of repetition etc.
Allows you to define tasks/plays of selected scripts with
This mode is used for regression tests.
Scheduler are performed in the background without affecting the user’s work. They can be one-time or recurring.
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Documentation: Documentation mode tree gives users quick access to documents generated during scripts background + documentation mode playback
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History: It will show you the logs of all played scripts from newer to older
unnamed (4)
Settings: A tab for EA basic settings
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Settings Module interface
Global Settings – In Global setting tab users can modify recorder timeouts, such as Inactivity timeout, Step find element timeout and Optional step find element timeout.
Sequences – If you want to fill any field by unique data every time on each run, you can use sequence feature of EA tool
Global variables – It is use to create global constants or variables. A variable that can be access to all scripts, meaning the result of one script could be input data for another.
System Definition –
Here you have to add an environment that you need to test
To define a new work environment, go to the Settings area, the System definitions tab, and click Add.
On the Create system definition form, fill in the data necessary to describe the new environment – Environment name, address, Application name, type, and Platform
Note: In the Platform field keep the Default platform
Virtual user –
Virtual user is a representation of a real user inside the environment that we need to log in. So we need to provide the credentials
Authenticate by EA – basically ES tool is performing a script in the background on the server side, it is trying to login to the office.com and trying to catch up a special token, which means you do not need to log in again during creating/executing scripts
Authenticate manually – During the creation of a virtual user, you need to check the option manual mode. The process will be synced on the screen.
Users – Defining the users of the EA tool. To add a new user click on the “Add” button

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