No matter what you believe in, your beliefs influence what happens in your life. This includes everything from your chosen career to what you’ll accept in terms of relationships and the opportunities that flow your way.

If you have too many beliefs that are fear-based, it’s hard to have faith and fully engage in life. In fact, there is a saying that goes “the opposite of fear is faith.” If you are constantly fearful, even if the fear is only imagined, it’s hard to make choices outside your comfort zone.

In fact, sometimes fears become so consuming that decisions are made not based on reality, but based on what we think will happen.

This can start a cycle of attracting things you don’t want in your life—essentially because your attention is on those worst-case scenarios—and the Universe is responding. Many people rock hit bottom before ever making the conscious choice to turn away from fear and put their attention on faith instead.

When things simply can’t stay the same, faith requires a leap of action into the unknown. This means that unlike fear, which is paralyzing, faith truly does “set you free.” Faith says that even though you have uncertainty, you’re willing to live with the temporary discomfort. Faith doesn’t mean you have to do everything right or never have a setback, it simply allows you to be curious and trust.

Tip: To increase your faith, try making a list of all the times you’ve taken a “leap of faith.” Note that most leaps of faith are worth it!

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl has been a certified clinical counsellor for over 12 years. Her experience and education are in the areas of counselling, developmental disabilities, mental health and addictions. Cheryl also holds a specialized forensic certification in the areas of high risk sexual behaviours and anger management. In addition, Cheryl also has many years of experience and training as a Spiritual Coach, studying spiritual philosophies under the guidance of Buddhist Monks.

Cheryl uses a diverse repertoire of skills that enable her to guide individuals so that they can foster healthy, positive and sustainable change in their lives and foster the ideal vision of their existence.

Cheryl adds a component of spirituality to her practice in respect to positive and negative energy flow and how our thoughts, emotions, and actions relate to whether we manifest positive or negative influences in our lives. Using her spiritual philosophy for many years with successful results, Cheryl now incorporates this as well as other diverse spiritual aspects in her counselling to help people manifest their ideal lives.

Cheryl has also practices in the area of women's issues and what we can expect in our developing lifespan. Her outcomes have produced positive results, as well as sustainable change.

With two years of nursing, behaviour modification, augmentative communication (the study of non-verbal communication), and three years of pharmacology education, Cheryl is proficient in related areas of overall health and wellbeing.

As well as counselling and coaching, Cheryl also conducts workshops and seminars pertaining to elements of behavioural change as well as motivational speaking.

You can contact Cheryl at or 416-919-9831