Hypnosis is a great way to reach your subconscious mind to bring about changes in your life. However the problem with hypnosis is that if you have a mind that wanders or you have trouble focusing and relaxing, you will have difficulty getting through to your subconscious mind to achieve your goals. Yes, a good hypnotherapist can help, but you will have to pay money and spend time looking for one. There is way to accomplish in minutes what hypnosis will take you hours to accomplish.

Hypnosis does have it uses like deep relaxation and the ability to access subconscious information. What I am talking about here is:



The best way to quickly access the powers of your subconscious mind is to "watch yourself fall asleep". There is a point right when you are about to nod off that the gateway to the powerful subconscious mind will be wide open. You will be able to recognize this point by visions, possible voices, and peculiar sensations that occur at onset of sleep. It is known as the hypnagogic state. By using affirmations in this state you will be able to give your subconscious mind instructions to bring about changes you desire quickly. By practicing just a few nights a week you will be able to recognize this state and prolong it and achieve in minutes what will take you hours to do using hypnosis. You can practice getting to this state by placing your elbow on your mattress with your arm pointing towards the ceiling when going to sleep: As you get sleepy your arm will drop indicating you are close to onset of the hypnagogic state

Another quick way to access this state is if you wake up during the night and then go back to sleep again. The onset of the hypnagogic state will come about more quickly than it does when you first fall asleep since you will already be tired and relaxed.

As with anything in life this will take some practice, but you will be surprised at how powerful this technique is.


Another way to access the subconscious, proven effective by studies at University College, London and other major universities, is Visual Subliminal Messages. By definition, subliminal messages reach the subconscious via methods that fall below the threshold of consciousness. This is the technique used by the MindMaster personal development program. This approach has a number of advantages.

Both hypnosis and subliminal messaging can deliver empowering messages to the subconscious to effect changes in thoughts, behaviors, actions, attitudes, beliefs and values. The difference: hypnosis requires the user to follow verbal, conscious instructions (and overcome doubts harbored by the conscious mind.) Subliminal messaging bypasses the conscious mind, delivering the desired messages directly to the subconscious. MindMaster.TV adds targeted visuals to increase the power and effectiveness.

Hope you find this helpful. I am sure many will. Others will find it controversial. And some will not like it: The ones that seem not to like it are hypnotherapists that feel threatened.

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