What is faith to you?

Faith is defined in the dictionary as a strong or unshakeable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence. Faith encompasses both trust and belief.

True unswerving faith can withstand any turmoil, any pressure, any obstacle. Faith is strength, strength of love.

Faith gives you power to act, power to think, power to be. If you lack faith you can be rushed along in another’s tide, helpless, directionless, and unfocused and at the mercy of all situations, and circumstances. Faith gives you a foundation upon which to base your actions, your directions and your life.

Where should you look for faith?
What should you have faith in?

Faith in the Divine is faith in yourself, belief in yourself, and trust in yourself, for you are part of the Divine. Having faith in the Divine means you have faith in yourself also.

Faith gives you strength, clarity and focus. This is not a blind faith where you believe what you are told or advised, but one where you develop your own unique relationship with Divine love.

Faith allows you to develop your own beliefs, ideas, and attitudes, not one set of rules to be followed and devised by others without deviation. It is a flow of growth, knowledge, understanding, opening, expanding, changing, developing constantly, and blossoming into the real you.

How can you have faith, true faith, faith that everything is as it should be?

The Seraphim Angels teach that it is about trust and belief. Not only belief in the existence of the Divine and the Angels but belief and trust in yourself.

Faith is the greatest gift you can receive for without faith there is no love, no trust, no divinity. When you allow Divine love into your life you become whole, powerful and complete in this lifetime. In standing aside from all other views that have limited you in the past you can undo the bondage you have bound yourself with. Living in faith means you are free to live a life of your choosing.

Even if you have faith already; as you follow a path of spirituality through a religion or philosophy, the faith you need is faith in Divine love, the energy of creation, the energy of the Divine.

This is all the faith you need. It is that simple, that easy. For from Divine love all is created, all is born, Divine love is all there is.

Divine love encompasses all religions, all philosophy. So if you have faith in the love of the Divine alone, you encompass everything and everyone.

This love accepts no judgement or criticism all are equal in the eyes of the Divine.

How do you do this?
How do you establish Divine love in your life?
How can you develop faith in Divine love?

Go within to find your loving heart, for it is here that Divine love already resides. You are already wrapped in a cocoon of Divine love, and have always been.

The only way for you to access this light is through remembrance. Step by step into the light, removing veil after veil, until you stand in all your glory, remembering who you are.

As you begin to experience, to taste the love, you will yearn for more, and each step takes you closer and closer to the Divine within.

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Seraphim Angel Translator, Your Gateway to Divine Love
I am a writer and I translate the teachings of the Seraphim angels

I have learnt that it is not the hardships and struggles that define who you are, but how you expand because of them.

In November 2009 I was ordained as an interfaith Angel Minister in the Order of the Seraphim. I offer the guidance and loving support from the Seraphim in the form of teachings, and meditations.

These messages are not ‘channelled’ but create a new and exciting partnership, a collaboration from the heart and mind of the Divine and the Seraphim.

These conversations are transmitted through the energy of Divine love.

These words are translated into books, meditations, blessings and audios, releasing the energy so you can awaken to who you are with ease, and become one with the Divine.

If you would like more information on how to connect with Divine love please visit http://www.listenbeloved.com to receive a free EBook of teachings from the Seraphim angels