I talk a lot about building a business around your life. I do so because I think it's so darn important. As women after 50 we have probably raised our children but we may still have aging parents who need our help. As in the title of this article, it certainly does take faith, action and the determination not to throw in the towel and quit when times get challenging.

It is worth moving through these challenges to get what you want. If you want a business you are in control of you can absolutely have that, but you need to be conscience of designing it the way you want it to run. Can you do this all alone? Probably you can. I wouldn't suggest it though. It's really hard to build the business you want in a vacuum, all by yourself in your home office in front of your computer. Faith, action and determination need support!

I can tell you now; there is never the perfect time to start your business. If we all waited till we had enough time or had enough money or had things 'in place', no business would ever get off the ground!

There is always going to be risk. There is risk in starting your own business. There is risk when you get hired by someone else because you never know how long you will be there.

Faith: do you have faith enough in yourself, confidence enough, to believe that you can do this?

Action: Are you ready and willing to get into action not sometime later but now?

Determination: Are you determined enough to do whatever it takes to make this business sing?

I suggest you know your basics. Who do you want to serve? How will you reach them and in what ways? How many hours do you want to work per week?

Even if you start out on your kitchen table a few hours a week and you do this consistently, if you know what you're doing your business will grow over time. But even if you can take this time at the kitchen table, if you don't know where to start, ask for help.

I spoke with a woman today with a very successful business and she told me what a big step it was for her to call me because it's so hard to ask for help. The ironic part of this is, she helps and serves all kinds of people. People come to her for help in various areas, but it's hard for her to ask for the same thing. I was glad she asked.

Do you know someone you can ask for help? Just look around you, I am sure you are surrounded with people who can help you take that first, second or third step.

Faith, action and determination are like the 3 legs of a stool. You need all three to be successful.

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