We dream during both day and night. Each dreamscape takes on different characteristics. Day dreams hold the misty essence of revelry, a trance state that captures our minds and attention, whisking us away to some unseen reality that feeds our next conscious action whether we realize it or not. Night dreams hold the connection to another world, wherein some say we live a parallel life. Upon waking, such dreams continue to haunt us. We are unable to shake the memory of them or the meaning they have brought to the forefront of our conscious mind.

Living alternate realities transcends just our world, our lives, and applies to the Beings that exist in other dimensions, overlaying our visible world. When these Beings go to sleep and dream, they can and often do enter our world, our lives. When this occurs, and there is n encounter with them, the affect such an encounter has on a human psyche can be quite dramatic. Such encounters are transforming, sending us on a search to prove their existence.

One class of Beings encountered throughout history is the Faery. The Faery does exist, although that cannot be proven. However, those of us who have had encounters with them will hold firm to such a belief, and whether others believe in the Faery or not is of no consequence, for we still work toward opening self to their realm and continue to seek them in ours.

In my research for over a quarter of a century, one of the most common contacts humans seem to have with the Faery is through dreams. The Faery has many tribes, just as humans have many cultures. There exists minor fairies, the nature spirits or elementals, tiny in stature, with gossamer wings (commonly called fairies). The Daoine Sidhe is a tribe who range one to three feet in height. These feys seem to keep to themselves. The Heroic Faery is human size and often engage in human activity. Then here are the Sidhe, the Shining Ones, whom the other tribes respect and honor as Divinity, these are the columns of light, a God and Goddess presence. Lastly, there exists the Unseelie Court, a host of Beings who are mischievous and harmful to us. The Unseelie often appear as beautiful creatures, but have been known to cause insanity in humans.

The most common tribe to make contact with us is the fairies, those sweet nature spirit, who only wish to make us more aware of our natural environment. Thee are the ones who seem to enter our dreams most often. When they do, they are communicating something very real to us, asking us to give our attention to some important detail in our waking life. They will usually sow their message through a simple scene or symbol. Then it is up to us to interpret the message correctly, which means we must rely on our intuitive mind to do so.

The first time I had the Faery come to me I was just a little girl. One night they swarmed into my room and danced above my bed as balls of light. I got out of bed and danced like a ballerina beneath them until they swarmed out of my room, disappearing back into their realm. They continue to visit me, though their appearance has changed and they come in both the day and night.

While they first appeared as colored balls of light, they next came as the Daoine Sidhe, which was surprising because the more I’ve learned about this tribe is their unwillingness to mingle with us, but in my dreams I was mother nature and their teacher. My encounters with all the different tribes of Faery in waking life has occurred many times, mostly while in Ireland, and each time it is a dramatic experience.

The first time the fairies, the nature spirits, came into my dreams they pulled me out of sleep to see their seven little bodies held aloft by their gossamer wings. I laughed and said, “Why, you do exist!” and they laughed and chimed, “We are your seventh vibration.” In this exchange they communicated a very important message to me, my Seventh Chakra vibration was ready to kick-up a notch and by being called to attention, the next day I was able to assist the shift during my morning meditation.

Faery dreaming is a wonderful experience and very uplifting and helpful to us. Each one of us can open to the Faery Realm by becoming more sensitive to their otherworldly vibration. A tool we can use to assist us is Flower Essences, which affect our light bodies.

For those who wish to encounter Faery Dreams and better interpret their messages, the following Bach Flower Essences will greatly sharpen your intuitive mind. Given in the order of importance, Heather, Scleranthus, and Vine—this trinity I the most powerful. For a complete formula, add Water Violet, Rock Rose, and Cherry Plum. If you only wish to work with one Flower Essence, then it would be Heather.

To create the formula, simply add three drops of each essence into a 2-ounce bottle, filled with 3 parts pure water and 1 part brandy, vegetable glycerin, or apple cider vinegar.

Before sleep, add six drops of the formula to a 4-ounce glass of water or warm herbal tea. Mentally set the intention of opening to a Faery Dream that night. While holding this intention, take three deep, belly breaths—one for mind, one for body, one for soul. When you exhale, your light body opens the way between our world and theirs. The Flower Essence formula lightens your physical vibrations so that an alignment with their enteric bodies can take place.

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Kisma K. Stepanich~Reidling founded The Faery-Faith Network in 1994 as a worldwide forum for believers in the Sidhe, Faery, lovers of Ireland, and individuals interested in undergoing spiritual training in the Bhairdic College or becoming a Member in the Faery-Faith Network or Druidic Clan of Dana.

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