One of the attractions you will see in 2022 is the presence of the latest version of Batman Pkv Games, played by Robert Pattinson. Where many DC fans are skeptical about the presence of this version of Batman . Named The Batman , which is also not a bit interesting after this version of Batman , it was predicted that it would have a version that is darker and more exciting than the previous version.
On this occasion, the Dunia Games team will discuss some of the facts about Robert Pattinson's Batman , which you should check out before watching the latest film. Let's take a closer look.
1. Batman 's version covered in Dominoqq and revenge
Most Batman in DC is a superhero with a Dominoqq commitment to protect Gotham City from criminals, and Bruce becomes Batman , who hides behind the darkness. However, in Batman Robert Pattinson's version, it is known that Batman is Batman , who materialized and was created because of Bruce's ambition to feel disappointed and also revenge.
2. The most brutal Batman in his actions
Before you watch Robert Pattinson's latest Batman film, be sure to prepare for the film's dangerous and violent scenes. You know, Robert Pattinson's Batman is more of a very brutal Batman movie from previous Batman movies, and you can see for yourself in today's trailer. Robert Pattinson's Batman is not the Batman with the most sadistic and brutal version of the action.
3. Batman is also a detective
There have been many complaints in Christopher Nolan's version of Batman that the film lacks detective elements, so the new version of Batman 's film has detective elements. The lead actor, Robert Pattinson, also said that the film about Batman , which he plays, is a film about Batman , who actually defines the film as a detective story because he reads it from a screenplay.
4. The origin of the Catwoman, who becomes one of the villains or partners
Catwoman is one of the characters who is quite important and plays an important role in Batman 's story, especially in the comic book version. In fact, Catwoman is finally back in Robert Pattinson's Batman , played by Zoe Kravitz. It is possible that Catwoman's appearance in Robert Pattinson's Batman is her appearance as one of Batman 's villains, but it is also possible that she could be with Batman .
5. Riddler will be Batman 's super villain
Of course, Batman has enemies, and this time the iconic Joker is no longer the main enemy, but Robert Pattinson's Batman has an enemy, Riddler, whom he encounters later in the film. In fact, Riddler turned out to be an original real-world character, where Riddler was a serial killer and rapist in the '60s, The Zodiac Killer.

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