A joint venture is a strategic alliance where two or more businesses come in partnership with each other to share markets, assets, services, technology and eventually profits. Joint venture is a different concept than a merger because in Joint Venture (JV) there is no transfer of ownership between the parties. On the other hand, a wholesale business must have superb capabilities or plenty of resources to attract other businesses for joint venturing.

Although it’s is a great way to strengthen wholesale businesses and to increase profit share yet many joint ventures fail in initial few years. Despite of technical and personal differences, there are many reasons which become major causes of joint venture failure such as communication gap, lack of trust and improper sharing of profit. In the following lines, few factors are discussed which would help in strengthening the wholesale joint business ventures.

Defining the Benefits of a Joint Business Venture:

The most important element that affects the success of JV is to understand and communicate the benefit of joint venturing to all businesses. Why joint venturing was considered and what you are going to achieve through this business venturing? Which wholesale business will contribute what and how other business, be it dropshipping or retail, will take advantage from this opportunity? How your business is going to benefit the other wholesale business? These all points are really necessary to be understood before start working under JV head.

Developing Effective Relationships:

The success of JV depends upon how both wholesale businesses manage the new entity or develop new effective relationships. It is quite healthy if wholesalers work together and strive to manage the work as well as the relationships. For this purpose, training to let all parties understand the norms of common business and the new working culture is important. Once all the parties in joint venture understand the common culture, there will be less likelihood for the JV failure.

Eradicate the issues
The thing that matters more than the chemistry of all the parties is the unity of direction. When all the partners feel that they are moving towards one direction and sharing the same purpose, things get smooth. While if one party feels that it is sharing more resources and is bringing more business opportunities on the table while other partners are just looking for profit, problems arise. To avoid this, wholesalers need to be in touch with all the allies. It is important to discuss all the issues in the beginning that who will provide what level of resources and what will be the common objectives. All objectives and results must be based on realistic and fair approach.

Coping up with Market issues:

Be realistic in determining the goals of a joint venture because the business environment change, industrial conditions get modified and new markets evolve. Therefore considering all these factors, it can be said that a joint venturing wholesale business can be a success during a particular time and failure at other time. Competition from other wholesale businesses within same niche can also give a tough time so be realistic in judging the fact that certain environments can not be conducive for joint venture success.

These are few factors that can strengthen the success of wholesale business joint venture but always remember that a joint venture can not always be a successful option. It is just an option where one has to be ready to face all sort of business consequence.

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