Well said by Milan Kundera, ‘Business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation.’ This quote highlights the current needs of modern businesses. Without marketing and innovation, a modern wholesale business would be like a ship without a rudder. With increasing competition in worldwide markets, the chances of business survival are if the business owners do not run effective marketing campaigns. Although it is true that some products have the capacity to create and build their own brands but a large number of Wholesale Products that enter saturated markets and without marketing are bound to flop.
Wise entrepreneurs know well that achieving business success in today’s modern market without allocating handsome budgets to marketing is next to impossible. The question arise here is that does every wholesale business has hefty bucks to spend on marketing? With increasing price wars, new improved products being launched frequently and rising tax rates, profits have already narrowed down. Therefore, allocating hefty sums on marketing has become a really hard task for most businesses.
Thanks to Internet!
Oodles of thanks to internet for revolutionizing the key operations involved in modern wholesale businesses. Internet has gathered almost all business prospects on a single interactive platform and thus provides tremendous opportunities to Wholesale Suppliers to convert their contacts into loyal customers at quite less cost. If you are also a supplier facing budget constraints and cannot allot hefty sums on offline marketing, you must go for marketing your business online through the following effective ways.
Search Engine Optimization!
After setting up your online presence, you need to apply certain techniques to let maximum number of people land on your website. These set of techniques are known as SEO techniques and are meant to boost your ranking on important search engines. Under the umbrella of SEO, you can start blogging and can also write content as a guest blogger to earn recognition in related industry.
For SEO, entrepreneurs must not choose fancy taglines or keywords for their Wholesale Products but focus on quality keywords which their prospective customers use for searching products online. It is also important to not stuff these keywords on the landing page but use them wisely product names, tags and descriptions. Search engines update their ranking criteria every now and then and therefore the SEO techniques also change on regular basis.
Wholesale Directory Listings!
For immediate exposure, you must try some paid online directories or B2B wholesale portals. These directories and portals invite wholesale suppliers to enlist their website addresses and wholesale products on their domain against a fee of as low as £5 per month. Wholesale business directories and portals are much popular among the bulk buyers and trade customers who visit there frequently to hunt ideal wholesale deals. Therefore, the wholesale suppliers listed at such portals have greater chances of increasing their sales and profits.
Wholesale suppliers must select a reputable B2B platform to advertise their products in order to lessen the chances of getting scalped by fake suppliers. You can judge the reputation of a wholesale portal by checking daily number of wholesale buying and selling leads posted on it.
E-Mail Marketing!
Though the chances of getting success in e-mail marketing are low but it is worth the try. With web domains now offering spam filters, there are possibilities that the emails would not be read by prospects. Since email marketing is the cheapest mode of marketing, wholesale suppliers must go for it. You can send details of your products and recent activities directly to their mail boxes to the existing list of prospective customers or buy it from independent sources.
Always be simple, explicit and attractive in your email advertisements. It’s better to send emails once or twice in a month because frequent emails annoy customers. You can also send newsletters in emails to your subscribers.
Social Media Marketing!
This is not secret that social media marketing is free but only few know that careful planning, frequent use and intelligent mentoring is required to make the most out of it. Set up your attractive business profile on the right social media platform where most of your clients can be found. Don’t use this platform for aggressive marketing but only for building business contacts and increase your social circle.
Add friends in your list, send invitations, and engage prospects by holding contests and sharing attractive posts frequently. You can also ‘Like’ the pages of others and earn recognition by posting comments on others’ posts. According to a research, around 60% of the readers also read the comments. So, post expert comments to gain the attention of prospects towards your business.

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William King is the director of Wholesale Products, Wholesale Suppliers and Wholesale Supplies. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.