Do you always wonder how applications like Facebook are able to recognize the faces of different people and tag them automatically in their photos? This is the power of the emerging face recognition technology which has still not been explored fully. In simple words, it is bio-metric technology having the ability to recognize the distinct facial features of different individuals.

The facial recognition database has the face print record of more than half of the Americans. According to different studies, the growing popularity of this technology is due to the emerging trends within a very short span of time. We will throw light on the most promising ways in which this technology will revolutionize our day-to-day activities:

Digital Payments
In the economy market, the facial recognition technology is doing wonders and creating a lot of hype. A number of businesses include restaurants and retail outlets are opting for the cashless economy. It wasn’t a long time ago when the financial services conglomerate, MasterCard, introduced the “selfie pay” strategy. It was a very convenient method which allowed the users to confirm their transactions by using their phone cameras.
Apart from this, the fast food giant, Cali burger, is also relying on this specific technology to promote its loyalty program and improve customer engagement. According to such companies, using the latest technology at hand helps them in attracting the interest of the customers and saving time in performing routine operations.


2018 is the year when facial recognition technology will go mainstream and we will see that its adoption by various entities is widespread. This is a slow and gradual change in the digital world that is eventually going to improve the way we live and work. Just like finger bio-metrics, the use of facial bio-metrics is also going to be omnipresent and provide the users with an advanced method of ensuring their security.
Since the launch of iPhone X, people have been in awe of Apple’s face ID lock and a number of companies have already copied the idea for at online assignment service their devices. It has grabbed the attention of users and competitors alike and people are considering this technology to be very useful in securing their precious belongings and sensitive data.


Imagine the situation where you enter a hospital and the person sitting at the front desk calls your name and quickly assigns the relevant medical help? Sounds cool, right? This is how healthcare is going to reform with the help of facial recognition technology. As per the reports by Market Research Future, the global healthcare industry will grow to 5.6 billion USD by 2022.
This is going to revolutionize the industry and make it easier for individuals to avail their required medical treatments. The administration in the healthcare units will find it easier to manage the data of different patients and keep their records organized. Additional security for all the medical records will also be ensured.


You must be wondering how face recognition technology can benefit advertising. It can actually bring about increased customer engagement and can help in improvising the marketing strategies. Face recognition helps in identifying one individual amongst millions, thus, giving enough power to the advertisers to offer personalized products and services.

The emotional state of the individuals has a direct impact on their purchasing habits. This is the reason that advertisers are now reaching each and every individual in a distinct manner, keeping in mind their unique requirements and needs. This might sound creepy to a certain extent because the advertisers know more about you than you even think but this benefits the businesses and helps in finding the correct products in the market.


As already mentioned, the facial IDs of more than half of the Americans are already present in the database. The police and the security forces can now identify the citizens through their face IDs with the help of relevant software within a few seconds. This has helped the crime-fighting agencies to find the culprits sooner and reduce the ratio of crime.

When the information of the criminals is stored with their respective face IDs, accessing through the information and finding relevant data becomes a piece of cake. A number of countries including the UK, Germany, Russia etc. are relying on facial recognition technology to safeguard their society from evil.

In near future, we will definitely be seeing more miracles of this technology and how it actually benefits the human race.

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