When we are young the outer layer of skin on our face and body is regenerated daily. In other words, the outer layer of skin dies and is replaced by new fresh skin. This process of out with the old and in with the new goes on throughout our early lives. This is exactly why the skin of a younger person is usually supple and vibrant. At around forty years old this natural process begins to slow down dramatically to where our skin is barely regenerating on its own. The skin of an older person can become dull and grey. Many of the facial products on the market today are specifically designed to encourage regeneration.

Chemical peels are one of the most common and effective ways to promote new skin to the surface. Many of these peels are really not chemical per say, because they are actually derived from natural substances such as sugar cane and fruit. Facial chemical peels can reduce the signs of aging; diminish scars and other skin imperfections. There are basically three levels of facial peels available to you; light peels, medium peels, and deep peels. The level of the peel is determined by the amount of the outer layer of skin that is removed with the peel. The deeper the peel the more painful the procedure and the more recovery time is needed. A light peel can produce just some redness for a couple of days, while with a deep peel you will look and feel like you were hit by a truck. A deep peel can take up to two weeks for a full recovery.

Light peels are usually done with glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These acid peels can be purchased in different strengths depending on the level of skin you want removed. I personally favor using a twenty or thirty percent glycolic acid peel once a month. By doing this you are forcing your skin to regenerate new youthful cells on a monthly basis. There a few nice things about using a light peel. First is the cost, a twenty percent glycolic acid peel can be purchased for as little as twenty dollars and that can give you as many as 10 peels. Second is the recovery time, with a light peel you can continue with your daily routine. Your face might be red, but you can at least go to work and not freak everyone out. Third is the fact that you do not need to go to the doctor and can do the peel in your own home. Usually any pain associated with a light peel can be treated with Tylenol or Motrin. Glycolic acid can be purchased up to an eighty percent concentrate. For most people an eight percent glycolic peel would be classified as a medium to deep peel, so be careful.

Medium peels are usually done with trichloracetic acid, commonly referred to as TCA. TCA is pretty strong stuff and is often recommended for peels for darker skin tones. TCA can be purchased online and self administered like glycolic, but be extremely careful and follow the directions exactly. It can be purchased in strengths from ten percent to thirty percent. The thirty percent should only be administered by a professional. It is very easy to give yourself severe burns with this chemical peel. Often a calming drug like Valium is used in conjunction with a pain killer for this procedure. In most cases a having TCA administered by a dermatologist or skin care professional might be the wiser choice for this medium peel. A TCA peel administered by a dermatologist can cost around five hundred dollars.

Deep peels are done with phenol acid and only administered by a medical professional often with general or local anesthesia. The recovery time can be two weeks, and you may not want to go in public for a week or more. Your face will look burned for some time. These deep peels can be very painful and prescription pain medicine during the recovery time is needed. I am not personally a huge fan of these deep peels, because there can be serious side effects like a permanent loss of skin pigmentation. I can’t help but wonder what the future consequences might be for intentionally burning your face so deeply. Deep peels can cost as much as five thousand dollars. If you do decide on a phenol acid peel do your research and choose your doctor carefully.

I believe that chemical peels are useful to help generate new skin cells as we get older, but I would be very precautious about the deep facial peels. I think it is a wiser strategy to exercise patience and do a light or medium peel on a more regular basis to force the new skin to the top. If you use a twenty or thirty percent glycolic peel monthly you will see great results over time.

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