I know you know this. I know you know you must keep in touch with your list, your tribe, and your peeps.

The problem is that sometimes it just seems like such a daunting task! You see what some others are doing and quite frankly, it probably looks like a ton of work!

You can keep it simple. I encourage you to keep it simple. The reality is you must keep in touch with your list at the very least.....monthly.

Personally, I send out my ezine every other Tuesday. I send enough other information throughout the month that they hear from me sometimes twice or more a week depending on if I am promoting something. Very few people drop off my list because I am sending too many emails.

When I say keep it simple, I literally mean you can send out a tip of the week or month with possibly an article that is related to the tip. The article needs to be between 400 and 800 words, I rarely go to 700 words. Then take that article and submit it to 'article banks' so it gets sent out to the world. It's a slow list building technique but its steady and it works.

Remember, the main reason you are doing an ezine (electronic newsletter sent via auto responder) is to build your list, create credibility and stay in touch with your clients.

Here are 4 tips for you:

1. Be sure your ezine has personality. Let yourself shine through. Do use the word "I". My ezine sounds like it speak, so do my articles. It is in my 'voice'. Your goal here is to create a relationship so let yourself shine through!

2. Be sure your ezine is relevant to your target market, your target audience. Keep the content in line with what they want and what you deliver. So, if you are writing about something, say in your personal note at the beginning, that is more personal tie it in to the rest of your ezine. Tying it all up together. Don't just talk about your vacation, talk about how taking time off is important, earning enough money to be able to take that vacation, whatever ties into your target population. Then they can relate.

3. Keep your ezine focused. Don't fill up space with various tips, links, resources, products etc. Keep it simply, keep it sharply focused. You don't want a lot of links since it just takes people off your page. (Unless they are links to your products and services, but even then, keep them at a minimum.) You don't want your readers to get distracted. You want revenue at the back end of the ezine.

4. Be sure to have a call to action. Just as when you are on a coaching call with an individual or a group, you need to get them into action. If they don't get into action relatively quickly they will leave. Even in an ezine, in each article, give people a call to action. What do you want them to do? Great quality information is wonderful, but without a call to action it falls flat.

I hope this was helpful to you! Yes, you do need some way to keep in contact with your list. If you are new to this, please keep it simple. And know, there are ways to keep in touch with your list that don't include an ezine.

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