There are cases that can be solved with simple ทำตาสองชั้น surgery. Let's take a look at the types and causes of the eye with good double eyelids and their solutions.

If your double eyelids come loose

1) In case of ptosis

2) In case of thick skin

3) In case of protruding eye

4) In case of holding the line much higher than the original position

5) In case of too much fat

The above factors are when the double eyelids are loose. Of course, in addition to the individual patient's factors, the cause of the operation of the operating doctor is greater, but when the same doctor operates, the double eyelids are more relaxed in the above cases. Usually, they don't have a single cause, but often have multiple factors together. Then, let’s look at the cause of each and find out the solution.

1) In case of ptosis

If the power to open the eyes is weak (if there is ptosis), the double eyelids are relaxed.

If you continue to loosen even after double eyelid surgery, the most common cause is ptosis and thick skin. In this case, ptosis correction (eye correction) must be performed to make the eyes look better and the double eyelids will not loosen well.

2) If the skin is thick

If the skin is thick, the double eyelids themselves are difficult to come out beautifully, but the problem is that the double eyelids are well resolved.

In this case, reducing muscle and fat through an incision is helpful for shape, and if ptosis is accompanied, it is recommended to correct it together. In the case of performing the natural adhesion method rather than incision, it is helpful to keep a lot more loops than in the general case without being resolved. In general, incisions are mainly performed, but there are cases where it is possible to use the natural adhesion method.

3) In case of protruding eyes

In the case of protruding eyes, the double eyelid line is possible and it is better to hold it low without being overwhelmed.

If you hold it high, the eyelids move slowly when you open and close your eyes, so the impression is easy to look blank, and the double eyelids are also relaxed. It is advisable to set the line at an appropriate height so as not to exceed the height of the sword you are born with.

4) If you hold the line high

The ideal position of the double eyelids that are born to each person is the location where the eyelids are located.

If you want thick double eyelids and hold them too high, there is a high possibility of sausage eyes, the swelling lasts for a long time, and the double eyelids will be relaxed. In severe cases, heavy weight may be applied and symptoms of ptosis may occur. If you want a line that is much higher than the height of the eyelid, it is recommended to hold the line in a suitable location and remove the skin with an incision method.

5) If there is a lot of orbital fat

In fact, the skin mentioned in #2 is more common than the case where the eyelid looks thick due to orbital fat.

If the skin is not thick and has a lot of fat, you can remove the fat. Fat removal is possible in all of the natural adhesion method (buried method), partial incision method, complete incision method, and hybrid incision method.

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