One of the most pervasive feelings that stops people from stepping up to living their highest calling--their Divine Purpose--is the feeling that what they have to offer the world is not of value. We are our own worst critics, and as we look at what those who have come before us have accomplished, we wonder how we could do it or say it any differently. Thoughts like, “Who am I to be doing this?” or “Who would ever want to hear what I have to say (do business with me, utilize my services--you fill in the blank for yourself),” come up when we think of putting ourselves out in the world. People keep themselves small out of fear that they are simply not good enough; that what they have to offer is not important.

I am quite familiar with these feelings. When I first started to gain clarity and feel the pull toward my purpose that is exactly what went through my mind. Fortunately my passion for what I wanted to do eventually overrode those fears and I started asking different questions, such as, “What do I need to do to be of service?” “How do I prepare myself to be in a position to do what I want to do?” As soon as I began asking the right questions, I got the answers that would help propel me toward living my passions and fulfilling my purpose. I took action on those answers, guided always by what felt good and right for me each step of the way.

The truth is, when we keep ourselves small out of fear that we are not enough, we rob those people who are waiting for our gifts from receiving what THEY need. Fearing to follow our passions and live the lives that would truly uplift us and feel meaningful to us is actually an act of self-centeredness. The focus is on worrying about oneself instead of on the service you can provide to others. There are people waiting for what you have to offer right now! Our largest act of love to the world is to love and believe in ourselves enough to be willing to be our best.

As Wallace Wattles, author of the classic The Science of Getting Rich said, “The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the best of yourself.”

We all, without exception, have a Divine Purpose. This doesn’t mean you need to be famous or start foundations. It simply means getting in touch with what you most love to do and then taking the steps to do it.

Janet Attwood, of The Passion Test advises, “When faced with a choice or a decision, always choose in favor of your passions.” In following your highest joy with courage, you will be in a position to offer your gifts to those waiting to receive them, whether they be people, animals, plants or the earth itself.

And we all, without exception, have value. There is nothing you have to prove, nothing you have to do to earn your value. Just by existing you have value. You are a part of the All-That-Is and you have more power, wisdom and love in you than you might possibly imagine.

As we travel through this physical journey it is quite natural for moments of self-doubt to creep in periodically. After all, we have been practicing feelings of not being enough for quite awhile. So the answer is to make a new habit--a habit of affirming ourselves.

Here is a process you can use:
Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and find a comfortable position to sit in. Take a few deep breaths and focus on relaxing your body. Notice any areas of tension and send love and relaxation into those areas. Now place one hand over your heart and imagine breathing into your heart. As you breath out, release any negative fear-based feelings. Breath in, thinking “Infinite love” “Inner peace” or whatever feels good to you. Continue to release any feeling you don’t want on the exhale. Do this for as long as you want until you feel a deep sense of peace, ease and flow.

Now, with your hand still over your heart, affirm, “I am a valuable person. My path is important. The things I create are even better than I imagine them to be and I am supported as I follow my highest path.”

Take a moment now to visualize yourself already living in alignment with your passions and purpose. Get into the feelings you expect to have, see yourself interacting with the people or other things that are receiving the benefits of your gifts. Feel the appreciation you have for this wonderful life and how glad you are that you followed your heart. Make this visualization as vivid as you can, using all of your senses. What do you hear, see, feel, smell, taste? Play with this and have fun with it. It need not be longer than 5 minutes a day. Consistency of practice is the key.

Your path IS important! Tuning in to your own worth, believing in your valuable contribution and taking inspired action will enrich you and all whom you encounter.

As Mr. Wallace says, “Every one will be something worthwhile, something rare, something perfect.”?

Author's Bio: 

Estra Roell is known as America's Life Purpose Coach. She is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a PSYCH-K® facilitator. She helps clients get in touch with their highest passions and purpose and assists them to create their vision, shift limiting beliefs that may be holding them back and take the action steps to move into a life of meaning, joy and abundance. Estra has been a featured guest on radio shows and is the co-host of her own internet radio show, Coach Cafe, on Blogtalk Radio. Please visit her website at to receive her free report on "Visioning and Goal Setting” and to subscribe to her free monthly newsletter.