The beginning of any relationship is usually the easiest part, but maintaining that relationship-- supporting its health, and happiness is where most of us can use some help. One of the keys to preserving the freshness of a new and vital relationship is by keeping the lines of communication open.

Here Are Five Tips That Will Help Keep the Lines Open:

1. Express yourself authentically. Make a promise to yourself to let your partner know your thoughts or feelings. Keeping them bottled up inside you is very destructive to your relationship. If you do, resentment, anger and frustration builds and eventually your true feelings will come out one way or another-- usually in a way neither one of you will enjoy.

2. Understand that all concerns are important. Whether it's your concern or your partners, always take it seriously-- even if it seems trivial to you. The other person is not you. They don't think exactly as you do and they don't always have the same concerns and that doesn't make them less important. We know this might sound obvious, but many people believe that most people think as they do. This is not true!

And if one of you starts trivializing the other's concerns, it snowballs quickly into a serious communication problem if you don’t their concerns seriously, they probably will have a hard time take you seriously.

3. Leave the past in the past. When sharing your thoughts, feelings and what's most important to you with each other, never focus on blaming, judging or trying to figure out for who did what. You both need to feel comfortable when speak your mind without the other person rolling his eyes or making sarcastic remarks.

Keeping the lines of communication open isn't an easy thing to do in any relationship. It takes willingness, a commitment, and effective techniques in order for each party to stay comfortable and feel safe enough to share. We all want to know that someone is listening to us and care about what's going on for us. Emphasizing with their point of view is essential in order for the other person to know you truly understand their point of view.

4. Negotiate through your differences. You and your relationship partner won’t always see eye to eye-- guaranteed. It's a normal occurrence in a relationship that from time to time there will be differences. The key is to be able to negotiate through those differences to a satisfying outcome for each of you. If one person wants one thing and the other person wants another, dig deeper before you choose to compromise. Get underneath each person's strategy and identify the value that has been wanted in the first place.

Amazing things happen when you get to a place of needs and values. New ideas appear that you never would have thought of if you gave up on what you want.

5. Stay positive and be gentle with each other! Seeking out and acknowledging what you enjoy about your relationship is much is possible will help maintain a positive attitude for you and inspire your partner to do the same. It’s not always easy to do, but it is essential for keeping the lines of communication open.

Negative attitudes about your relationship, slams the door in the face of communication. Who wants to talk about what's wrong all the time. A positive attitude and expressing your enjoyment about things encourages more communication and allows a relationship to grow and flourish.

Keeping these important tips in mind as you go about creating the relationship you want will ensure that the lines of communication stay open. Staying conscious and having a strong commitment to your relationship will help lead you down the path a lifetime of intimacy caring and love.

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