Everyone has a romantic side; they just have to learn to use it. We have all experienced love of someone and quite a bit of us have experienced true love that is unmatched. Some may say that it is harder for a man to express his emotions but there are some guys that have a good way of doing it. Some have learned to tap into their softer, compassionate side so they have no problem showing their true emotions.

How do you use poetry to express your romantic emotions? Simple really, when you go to write the piece you should really be feeling the emotion. It is best to write on something such as love as you are experiencing it. If you wait days after your first kiss and go to write about it, then it will not be as juicy as it would have been the day the kiss happened. So step one is to write at the moment. Step two you want to try and put what you feel on paper, not in a permanent form, at first.

But you want to just scribble what you are feeling and later arrange them and edit them to make sense. For those of you that actually write poetry often you might understand what is being said here better, most of you who write poetry often have written in the moment of passion and you have seen what it can accomplish. Step three; you want to pretend that your poem is written as a letter to someone.

Maybe if you are writing about an emotion you feel with a girlfriend or boyfriend you should pretend that you are writing to that person, a love note per se. If you need help in your writing there is a great resource here in the Abilene Texas area that is open for all to join. The place is called the Abilene Writer’s Guild, each month on the 4th Thursday of the month they meet and have workshops where you can polish up on your writing styles.

This is a great place to not only get better at writing but to meet people who also are writers. They just had their January meeting wherein the meeting they discussed 11 Writing Exercises to Get Your 2011 Writing Moving and Help You Lose the "Wait"! So for some great assistance on your writing of poetry and learning to take these three simple steps and apply your emotions to your poems sign up and get writing!
Here is a great poem, written in the heat of the moment, expressing romantic emotions from the author.

Please Don’t Cry

As I look into your eyes, I see the tears falling like rain.
I want to hold you,
I want to touch you,
I want to make it alright.
You’re all I dream of, your all I need,
I look into the future it's you and me I see, here in my heart where no one else will ever be. So I touch you and so softly wipe the tears away. I hold you tight and you know it will all be alright.

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