On the 82Lottery Online Casino platform, Mega Fishing is an exciting and engaging game that takes players on an exhilarating underwater adventure. Equipped with a formidable weapon, you descend into the depths of this virtual aquatic environment and commence an exhilarating expedition in pursuit of a diverse assortment of vibrant and rare fish. Mega Fishing is an aquatic spectacle that offers hours of entertainment and the opportunity to gain substantial winnings. Its visually stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and potential for thrilling rewards elevate it beyond a mere game.

How Do I Retrieve Winnings?

"Mega Fishing" and other fish-shooting games offered by 82Lottery online casinos feature a relatively simple interface. Here are the customary sequence of actions to engage in a game:

Choose a Game: After logging into your online casino account, select "Mega Fishing" from the list of available games.

Select Your Bet: Prior to commencing the game, you are required to determine the quantity of your wager. The majority of games permit you to adjust the wager size to your liking. The sum of money that is being wagered on each individual shot.

After placing your wager, proceed to enter the underwater environment while wielding your virtual weapon or cannon. Aim and Fire. Target specific fish or marine organisms with the crosshairs by utilizing the touchscreen or mouse, depending on the device.

Tap or click the display to discharge your weapon. The crosshair-directed trajectory of the projectile ensures that any fish it strikes is captured. Aim for the fish with the highest point values in order to amass a greater number of points.

Accumulate Points: At each successful fish capture, you will accrue points. The objective is to attain a predetermined number of points or a high score in a limited amount of time or with a restricted quantity of projectiles.

Certain iterations of the game might include distinctive attributes such as bonus rounds, power-ups, or even windfall possibilities. These may increase your odds of winning larger prizes and add to the excitement.

Magnificent Mega Fishing Functions

This submerged expedition showcases a maximum of 27 unique subaqueous creatures, presenting 82Lottery participants with a multitude of shooting prospects. Upon successfully overcoming the Mega Octopus, the ultimate boss, a wheel of fortune materializes, offering substantial incentives.

Unique Mega Fishing

A starfish's demise generates a vortex of water that has the potential to ensnare and terminate adjacent fish.
Bomb Crab: Upon its demise, it discharges three explosives onto the stage, potentially causing harm to any fish that become entangled in the detonations.
Drill Crab: Upon death, it discharges a drill that can be directed towards the stage. Fish that are in the vicinity of or in the trajectory of the puncturing detonation of the drill, which ultimately detonates, may perish.

Unique Weapon

The cost of employing the railgun is fifteen times the initial wager. The demise of a fish targeted with the railgun may result in the occurrence of chain lightning. You are awarded the maximum possible multiplier if the fish you slaughter is a Drill Crab.
Six times the amount wagered, the use of torpedoes is more expensive, but they have a greater chance of destroying the fish.

Free Thunderbolt: Energy is accumulated with each shot. Click the icon when the power is fully restored to summon a lightning strike for a devastating assault.
Your energy will be converted to a percentage of your wager, and the discharge will correspond to your present wager. After the discharge is complete, the energy is reestablished.
Your energy will be cleared or reset if the game disconnects outside of three minutes or if you abandon the game.

Prized Giant Fish

It is possible to achieve consecutive wins and potentially win a maximum of five times for each fish you slay.

The Eternal Boss

When the immortal Boss is present in the game, continuing to defeat it will earn you rewards.

Activated Boss

Upon being vanquished, the Giant Crocodile enters "Awakening" mode and commences an assault on other fish within the game. The greater the number of fish it kills, the greater the rewards.


Mega Fishing is a captivating and entertaining arcade-style game that is frequently available at 82Lottery online casinos. The gameplay engrosses players in a vibrant submerged domain, where they engage in the capture and initiation of diverse marine life. Mega Fishing provides exhilaration through its dynamic visuals, varied gameplay components, and the possibility of favorable results. In order to improve their prospects, players may increase their focus on valuable fish, make judicious use of special weaponry, and activate bonuses. Responsible gaming is of the utmost importance, and this includes selecting reputable casinos, establishing time and financial limits, and keeping in mind that the purpose of wagering should be enjoyment rather than financial gain.

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