Natural wellness products are becoming the first preference of many people globally because of their long-lasting results without side effects. Several ongoing studies are revealing medicinal benefits of the CBD in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, popularly called CBD, is the only reason many governments worldwide are allowing cannabis products to treat various kinds of health conditions.

CBD for Diabetes

For the last two decades, intensive research has been conducted by scientists for exploring the miraculous healing properties of the cannabis plant. Today, physicians prescribe CBD for diabetes and various other critical health conditions. As per the current study results, CBD is a proven healing agent for various physical and mental health issues. They are:

Right now, diabetes is a leading cause of mortality globally. It is reducing the life expectancy of a person by 30%. More than 770 million people are currently suffering from diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance. It leads to severe health issues like kidney failure, heart attacks, blindness and various psychological disorders. Doctors are testing CBD dosage for diabetes, and their initial study reports are quite satisfactory. Before going for them to understand the significance of CBD for curing type 2 diabetes, we should understand why it is incurable.

Why is diabetes incurable?

When your body cannot produce an adequate amount of insulin, it leads to excess glucose level that we call diabetes. Our pancreas produces insulin hormone that is necessary to metabolize glucose present in our blood. Inadequate amount of insulin leads to a high glucose level in the blood that affects our nerves, kidney, eyes and heart. We can only reverse its impact but cannot cure completely. This disease occurs due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Once the insulin hormone production reduces, stabilizing it is very difficult. We can only reduce its impacts by restricting our diet plans. However, it gradually surges again when we eat food containing an excess of glucose. Medicines like Metformin Hydrochloride reduce glucose level but do not stabilize it. You need something more practical like CBD for diabetes control.

Significance of CBD for diabetes control

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant capable of reducing hyperglycemia and cholesterol level. Also, it stimulates the production of insulin hormone in our pancreas. Those who consider CBD health supplements as their regular diet have a low risk of diabetes. The concentrated variants of CBD promote good fat in our body that stimulates the ability of our body to metabolize glucose systematically. Now, the question is, can you consume any type of CBD variant for diabetes treatment? We will try to answer it with some crucial information right here.

How to use CBD for diabetes?

Not all types of CBD products are suitable for curing diabetes. Currently, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate variants of CBD are available in the market. We need something that contains the goodness of both THC and CBD. Yes, it is true that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive substance, but it is also a great remedy for many diseases. In order to reduce the side effects of diabetes, we need full-spectrum CBD products. Apart from cannabidiol, it also contains some traces of tetrahydrocannabinol. However, the percentage cannot be exceeded beyond 0.3% as per the guidelines of the FDA. In people suffering from type 2 diabetes, tetrahydrocannabinol improves lipid levels and stabilizes blood sugar. On the other hand, CBD is capable of boosting your gut hormones as well as lowering down the insulin resistance of the body.

What is the accurate CBD dosage for diabetes?

CBD products are available in multiple forms, including capsules, oil, vaping juices, topicals and sprays. In order to fight with the symptoms of diabetes, you need something highly concentrated and something that contains maximum possible cannabinoids. While searching for the local market or an online store, make sure that you are buying a product that contains full-spectrum CBD. The water-based CBD capsules are more impactful than other options. They metabolize quickly and start offering results faster than oil-based products.

Precautions to Consider

Although CBD is a great remedy element, still you need to be cautious while consuming it. Never exceed dosage beyond the dosage by your physician. Prolonged use without health specialist assistance can result in side effects like dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue and diarrhea. Provide your complete medical history to your doctor to help prescribe the accurate CBD dosage. It can interact with blood-thinner medicines in some cases.

This is all you need to know about CBD for diabetes. Always consult your physician before buying any kind of CBD oil, vaporizer or any other inhalable product.

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