Finding the best Session Guitarist in the UK can be very exigent, as there are many factors involved to finally choose the best Session Guitarist in the UK like genres Guitarist is specialized in, the cost and the availability. Of course, we will expect that Guitarist must be specialized in multiple styles of music. So the first name comes to mind is James Pusey. He is the one of the most proficient UK based musician/Guitarist. Coming to the work he has worked with many variations of the settings of the Guitar and genres. Topping on the cream is that he’s a multi-talented, done many live TV sessions. He is totally a professional guitarist along with the online recording session track.

James is a music composer, producer along with his contribution to educational work. He is not only good with the western genres but also he has an intensive research experience in Indian Sitar playing. James is available for guitar lessons in London/Bromley and sitar lessons in London/Bromley.

I have been the student of James and he is so very dedicated towards his work and if find its interesting when he has to train a student like me which is quite challenging. But he won’t stop until he achieves his goal. I have totally understood the theory and accord. James makes sure to get the best from recording sessions. He likes to play Indian music on Guitar which makes him the best Guitarist in the UK.

Apart from this, I am impressed with the exposure and in-depth knowledge he has about Indian instrument Sitar. No one can imagine learning Sitar from a book, but the book James wrote makes it quite simple to learn the basic of Sitar. Trust me Sitar is not easy to learn, but the technique he follows to teach his fellows is remarkable. James always tries to take the session all over to new level which encourages you to learn more and you can never get over it. The best part is the motivation level continues. If you are looking for Session Guitarist in the UK in both western and Indian classical, I would highly recommend James. It is not that he teaches for sake of teaching but he really puts his soul into it. He shared that he took 20 years to acquire the knowledge which he shares with his students in a couple of days.

He leaned Sitar from the Great Pandit Arvind Parikh, whom James has been following since 1999. His journey into Indian music began at Leeds College of Music when he came in contact with Ustad Dharambir Singh.

He hopes that the players of non-Indian instruments might take some interest as there is much to learn to play Indian music on the guitar, violin, voice etc. If you have the passion to learn Guitar, I would suggest none other than James. You are sure to be in the best hands.

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