Most of us have noticed how the week before we go on vacation seems to be brighter, happier, and how easy it is to handle all of life’s challenges when we’re about to head to the beach. And how dark and gloomy that last day of vacation can be knowing that tomorrow it’s back to life as usual.

This is one of the fundamental concepts behind the Empowered Enterprises PowerPlan system, and the Balanced Living Timeline. When we create your ActionPlan, we create the future you want and then design Actions to produce the Results required to make that future a reality. As you take each action, you experience creating that future and can actually experience that future in the “now moment”.

As you get practiced in aligning your Actions to the Future you’re creating, more and more of those “now moments” include the experience of that future – you experience the future you’re creating, now!

So how do we do this? They key is in being clear that moment by moment you have the choice as to what future you are going to create. Every moment you choose: now you’re creating a promotion with raise, now you’re creating great customer service, now you’re creating powerful relationships, now you’re creating financial freedom; As you get practice in distinguishing the future you’re creating, in each now moment you can begin to consciously cause your future by choosing actions that will move you forward into that future. Again, you begin to experience the future you’re creating, now.

The next step is Empowered Enterprises’ simplified Actions Steps for a life that works:

1) Say what you want ( distinguish the future you are creating now)
2) Take the next best action to move forward into that future ( this is where the PowerPlan is so effective)
3) Check in with the results you produced by that action, and the opportunities that opened up.
And then repeat Step 1!!

Remember, this is a practice, like working out at the gym. As you grow in mastery of this practice, more and more often you will experience the future you are creating, now!

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R. Means Davis, V is the Founder and CEO of Empowered Enterprises International, a global enterprise providing personal empowerment, career coaching and business growth solutions, as well as custom designed training and seminars. He works with individuals and organizations to design their future, and support them in reaching their goals and realizing their dreams. Visit us at!