Method No 5: Act now as You Imagine You Would Then

Behave now as if your goals have already become manifest. Do now that which you imagine you would do if your ideal life was already a reality.

Until now, we have learned to align ourselves with our ideal reality by:

1. Realizing how much we already have and feeling grateful.
2. Making a list of what we want to manifest.
3. Removing limiting beliefs.
4. Writing a description of our ideal reality.

The next step is to begin to act as we would if our goals were already achieved. This aligns us perhaps more than any other technique. When we behave as if our ideal life is already manifest, we directly attract it and bring it into our physical reality.

Ask yourself, “what would I be doing different if I had already achieve my goal, made the change, or manifested what I wanted?” This might include new activities, or perhaps letting go of past activities that you do not need anymore in your ideal reality.

Consider completing some of the following sentences in your notebook:

“Now that I have the relationship I wanted, I .....”
“Now that I have the health I wanted, I .....”
“Now that I have the abundance I wanted, I...”
“Now that I have the ________ I wanted, I...”
“Now that I feel financially secure, I...”
“Now that I am free from what others think about me, I...”
“Now that I have made this change in my life, I ....”
“Now that I have overcome this problem, I...”
“Now that I feel self-acceptance and self respect, I...”
“Now that I feel self-confident in all endeavors, I...”
“Now that I have forgiven _____, I ...”
“Now that I have forgiven myself, I...”
“Now that I have stopped smoking, I...”
“Now that I have lost weight, I...”
“Now that I feel secure within myself, I...”
“Now that I am free from the fear of _______, I...”
“Now that I am free from anxiety about ________, I...”
“Now that I am free from my guilt about ________, I...”
“Now that I am free from my attachment to________, I...”
“Now that I am free from my anxiety about my appearance, I...”
“Now that I am free from the illusion that I am this body and mind, I...”

When you have answered these questions regarding your specific goals, begin to employ some of those behaviors now to the degree that you can. Act as if you already have the relationship, health, abundance, security, self-worth, freedom that you have set as goals.

This is perhaps the one most important step towards manifesting your goals.

Exercise no. 8 - Take time, if you like, to complete the phrases presented above. Look through your answers and see if you can find some actions that you can take now in order to attract your ideal reality.

From the Forthcoming book "25 Ways to Manifest Your Ideal Reality" by Robert Elias Najemy

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