Shape-shifting is the ability to change the shape of a an energy field which may manifest in a physical dimension as a physical object or entity, or be perceived as intangible. This term is most often used in reference to your ability to change the shape of your body. In a broader sense, it also includes changing your environment.

For most people, the term shape-shifting brings to mind images of werewolves and big wild cats like tigers and panthers. While you can shape-shift your energy field into anything, throughout history people had most often shape-shifted into different animal forms. The purpose of shape-shifting has never been to impress others, but rather to partake of the strength, wisdom or power of specific species - plant, animal, and others - and for the sake of acquiring new learnings.

All shape-shifting occurs on an energy level. However, depending on the density of the vibration of a specific energy field, the shape-shifting event may be more or less obvious to physical senses. When a complete physical transformation occurs, a shape-shifting is said to be physical.

The vast majority of shape-shifters do not undergo a complete physical transformation and may outwardly physically appear pretty much the same - but others may sense the energetic change, and the behavior of the person may be altered in some way.

According to the degree of transformation, shape-shifters are generally divided into two categories: energy shape-shifters and physical shape-shifters. With some, the ability to shape-shift occurs spontaneously and they have a challenge learning how to control it. Others may need to invest time into developing the ability.

To a certain degree we are all shape-shifting all the time because our thoughts and emotions affect our energy field - the energy we project and the energy others perceive. At times we do this intentionally for a specific purpose - think of a time when you wanted to kill someone and you were shooting daggers through your eyes to get your meaning across, or think of a time when you wanted to seduce someone and were practically eating up the person with your eyes. Other times our energy can change spontaneously if someone pushed our buttons and we lost control and perhaps started to behave like an animal. Or perhaps you know someone who seems to become a different kind of being under the influence of alcohol.

If you look at your photographs throughout time, or at the people around you, you will notice an obvious physical change. As people age, their life story becomes engraved in their bodies. If you look at couples who have lived together for a long time, you may notice that they have become to resemble each other to some extent as their energies synchronized. Some people even begin to resemble the pets whose company they enjoy.

Different styles of kung fu martial arts have been developed based on observation of movements of different animals. To the best of his ability, a martial artist becomes inwardly, on an energy level, the animal whose movements and particular skills he desires to emulate. He doesn't just imitate the postures outwardly, but identifies with the essence of the animal he desires to emulate.

Your physiology will also affect your neurological response. For example, standing like a gorilla will tend to activate your reptilian brain and will create an optimal state for engaging in a physical combat.

In Scandinavian countries, a special group of fierce Viking warriors, berserkers, went into battle "without coats of mail and acted like mad dogs and wolves" (Snorri Sturluson. Heimskringla: History of the Kings of Norway. trans. Lee M. Holander. Austin: U of Texas P. 1964. p.10). The berserker was often said to change into an animal form, or at least to assume the ferocious qualities of the wolf or bear.

Kveldulfr in Egils Saga Skallagrimsonar was spoken of as a shapechanger (Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards, trans. Egil's Saga. NY: Penguin. 1976. p. 21), and Hrolf's Saga tells of the hero Bjarki, who takes on the shape of a bear in battle:

"Men saw that a great bear went before King Hrolf's men, keeping always near the king. He slew more men with his forepaws than any five of the king's champions. Blades and weapons glanced off him, and he brought down both men and horses in King Hjorvard's forces, and everything which came in his path he crushed to death with his teeth, so that panic and terror swept through King Hjorvard's army..." (Gwyn Jones. Eirik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas. NY: Oxford U.P. 1961. p. 313).

Another quality possessed by berserkers was the immunity to weapons. The berserker sometimes inherently possessed this immunity, while other times used the power of the mind through self-hypnosis and chanting of spells to induce it. Some berserkers also had special powers to blunt weapons by their gaze. Many tales tell of berserkers, "no weapon could bite them" or "iron could not bite into him."

The concept of immunity may have evolved from the berserker's rage, during which the berserk might receive wounds, but due to his state of frenzy induced hypnosis become unaware of them until his mental state returned to normal consciousness.

A warrior who continued fighting while bearing mortal wounds must have been a terrifying opponent. Some of the modern practices that come to mind here are "iron shirt" and "iron body" from kung fu, as well as development of such immunity from spiritual and esoteric traditions practiced by yogis, dervishes and others who intensively work with energy and consciousness.

The purpose of Shape-shifting is not restricted to physical combat. In daily life you can benefit even more from practicing Shape-shifting for the purpose of gaining internal strength, wisdom and many other qualities which would have a healing effect upon your mind, emotions and body - the ultimate purpose being to experience greater sense of inner balance and well-being rather than to create havoc.

You may already feel a particular affinity to a specific animal. For example, a cat-loving people would most likely feel affinity for Shape-shifting into any kind of "big cats", while dog-loving people would most likely feel affinity for shape-shifting into "wolf-like creatures".

My first experience occurred spontaneously at that time of the month when women have the tendency to go off a deep end, and some would appropriately say they belong to a zoo. Raging hormones and emotions stimulated the internal shape-shift experience and had an extremely healing and calming effect on me. The profound energetic shape-shifting experience provided an outlet for the unbearable pressure I felt inside, and brought me a sense of calm and peace.

Shape-shifting is not restricted to animal forms, not to any creatures existing in the physical realm. Depending on your needs and desire for learning, you may choose different God-forms. In esoteric circles, this is more often referred to as "God-form assumption", rather than shape-shifting. The purpose here is to obtain learnings and to help you develop qualities and attributes within you which are characteristic of a specific deity. You may also experiment with shape-shifting into fantasy creatures, if they possess attributes you'd like to experience and enhance within yourself.

People practicing Huna have come up with the term “groking” to describe the state of attunement with different life-forms - whether animals, plants, oceans, or anything else.

Deep Trance Now shape-shifting hypnosis offers guided imagery for the actual process of shape-shifting. Super Mind series of hypnosis CDs teaches you how to transfer your consciousness into different life forms for the purpose of learning more about them or healing them.

Tuning yourself into a particular life form becomes a shared experience, where you embody and express the energy of that life form for mutual benefit and to the extent that you are comfortable experiencing the energy and consciousness of that life form. This kind of training forms a part of many esoteric and spiritual traditions, and now it can help you to expand your own consciousness and enrich your life.

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