You know when your skin is exhausted as you look in the mirror you see a grey wrinkly face staring back at you and wonder A., how did I end up looking like this and B., how do I change it ? Given that it is tired, a series of facial exercises may seem a bit odd.

Firstly, if it is on your face, chances are that it is on other parts of your body so as you get into your shower check your body over and note what parts need some working on.

Right now we are concentrating on the face but the first thing we must look at is the diet. Good fresh fruit and vegetables with oily fish like Herring or Salmon. Increase your water intake with water or perhaps fruit teas. As the skin is the largest organ that covers all of us, this will help to improve you all over.

There are a number of non surgical face lift procedures that are available in salons and clinics that require quite a bit of money and are not without a bit of pain or the possibility of some nasty side effects. There are chemical skin peels, micro dermabrasion, Botox and filler injections, laser treatments as well as other treatments. Many of these treatments can leave you looking like a wax works dummy with a face that can look quite false.

Even some of the anti-ageing skin creams and serums can cause problems not least because of some of the weird stuff that are in them, such as snake venom, snail slime and others.

This is why a good series of facial exercises are some of the best things you can do for your skin because they work on both the skin and the underlying muscles. For the best results, you have to make sure you use the best facial exercises available and those are the isometric resistance type which, just like those used for the body, really give your facial muscles a work out.

With exercise, comes an increase of blood flow which brings an increase of health giving oxygen and at the same time, flushing the toxins away. It is these muscles that help to give our face its shape so by doing exercises, we can not only give our self a face lift but also do some reshaping as well. Another benefit is that as our face lifts it will work on our neck as well, tightening that 'chicken skin' and smoothing out the wrinkles.

As we continue with them, our facial muscles improve which in turn decreases the jowls, giving our face that younger sculptured look. At the same time the skin will begin to look more radiant, healthier and smooth but with a natural healthy tone.

The best thing is that once you have mastered the different facial exercises, it only takes a few minutes a day to keep yourself looking much younger and healthier and all without using toxins or nasty chemicals.

The answer to looking younger really is at your finger tips with facial exercise.

Author's Bio: 

Dominique Ballada is a Beauty clinician, Magnet therapist, Reiki Master and EFT practitioner. She is the webmaster of Best Non Suirgical Facelift and the author of the best seller Facialwizard program