Fertilizers can generally be grouped or categorized into natural organic and inorganic, chemical and non-chemical, solid, gel and liquid forms, gunny-bag and bottle packs, and etc.

Normally, due to business reason, consumers taste and preferences and cost-saving factors, there is massive use of chemical fertilizers by the farmers. Should the farmers be accused by the consumers for no ethics in producing chemical crops ? Absolutely not, this is unfair to them ! There are many other chain factors that behind the scene. The consumers accuse the large use of chemical fertilizers by the farmers and the farmers accuse the consumers taste and preferences, that is, the consumers prefer to have so-called better outlook vegetables.

Furthermore, there are also mass use of pest control ingredients in agriculture, such as pesticide, insecticide, fungicides, herbicide and other chemical products. These products are basically toxin in nature and will be absorbed by the crops. Therefore the end users or consumers will be the final victims of such chemical toxin. Can we imagine, we are serving toxin food daily ! Do you want to continue such diet for the rest of your lives, including your parent, children, and anyone that you love ?

Honestly, apart from making profit, the farmers should have social duty to supply non-harmful output to the consumers also.

Most of the farmers are unaware that their cost of production is escalating and they presume wrongly that they should have cost-saving from utilization of chemical ingredients in their production. Please note that the large scale of the utilization of chemical is in fact not cost effectively to the farmers because they pay heavier maintenance cost on soil quality jobs.

Good element of soil will be destroyed by mass use of chemical agent. In order to nutritious the soil quality so that the farmers can have further re-plantation of plants, the farmers have to incur extra cost on it. Inevitably, the overall cost of production of crops will increase by the mass use of chemical elements.

Due to the consumers want to have better outlook of the plants, this result in the farmers have no alternative to large use of chemical material in their farm.

Eventually, who should be blamed on the chemical usage ? Both parties should share the responsibility on this matter.

Chemical element is effectively heavy metal elements that are harmful to human. A lot of critical diseases such as cancers, are the result from serving such chemical elements. Can you figure out why the number of hospitals and doctors have been established and increased respectively, but the patients have yet not correspondingly dropped ?

In order to cut down the overall cost of production for farmers, especially on the soil maintenance, a wise selection of good fertilizer is very critical to them. A correct Organic Bio-Fertilizer should be a pure natural organic fertilizer and environmental friendly to any plants and human beings. Its functions should be the same as traditional chemical fertilizers and effectively a replacement of chemical elements for any kind of plants.

With such Organic Bio-Fertilizer, it should improve the soil quality and the farmers will be free of worry on the soil maintenance concerns. With such natural fertilizer, the total cost of production should cut down, the yield and returns from the crop sales should correspondingly increase.

Conclusion : the cost of applying a correct Organic Bio-Fertilizer should effectively be much cheaper as compare to chemical fertilizers. Nevertheless, it should be healthy to human too.

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