Often referred as diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot occurs when there is a prolonged level of high blood sugar in patients, further causing foot problems. Insulin is an essential hormone, which is essential for absorption of sugar from the blood to use for energy. The production of insufficient or defective insulin production or low sensitivity to insulin cause diabetes. The sugar then remain circulating in the blood causing health problems. Such prolonged circulation of sugar in the body damage different areas of the body including feet.
The two major serious problems that occur are neuropathy which is the damage or dysfunction of nerves that usually results in numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and pain in the affected area. The second one is peripheral vascular disease. It is a blood circulation disorder causing the blood vessels outside of patient’s heart and brain to narrow or block.

Why diabetes is a concerning issue?
Depending on the diabetes types of combination of risk factors such as genes and lifestyle you get either type 1, type2 diabetes. Although risk factors such as family history, age, or ethnicity can’t be changed you can modify your lifestyle to low the risk factors around eating well, physical activity, and weight. Polycystic ovary syndrome can also increase the risk of diabetes.
It’s a popular belief that sugar causes diabetes, but that’s not true, sugar is not responsible for causing diabetes however, Consuming too much sugar (or sugary foods and drinks) can make people put on weight, hence shifting you to a ladder up towards probability of getting the disease eventually and ultimately to the stretcher of diabetic foot surgery.
Complication of the Diabetic Foot
Problems and infections of the foot are the most common health complications that people with diabetes have to face. Diabetes has a chance to cause nerve damage (neuropathy) which can make one lose all sensation in the feet. As the blood flow to the foot is low in diabetic patients, any normal wound in the foot may get severely infected without the person actually realizing it. This infection if left unchecked may lead to gangrene and will have to be amputated as a result to stop further spreading of the infection throughout the body. Some infections of the foot may not require amputation but will still need to be operated upon which is a hassle in its own.
Reason Estimated by Best Diabetic Foot Care Clinics in Vashi
Although, diabetes has no cure but you can take steps to manage your diabetes and stay healthy. Some of the reasons behind diabetic foot are as follows:
• Foot Supports the entire body
• Your feet absorbs the impact of locomotion
• Every step puts around 150lbs/sq. inch pressure on the soles

What does the diabetic foot care treatment in Vashi Covers?
• Diabetic Foot checkup in Vashi provides you with endocrinologist with a vast experience in managing the issue to tailor your diabetic medication as per your requirements
• Diabetic foot specialists in Vashi recommends a computerized foot profile including a Doppler evaluation and paedopodogram and biothesiometry.
• Evaluation by an experienced vascular surgeon with expertise in managing diabetic foot problems and problems in the blood vessels of legs.

Surgical Method to Manage Diabetic Foot Symptoms?
Popularly known as diabetic foot surgery, is removal of the devitalized tissue to control infection and quick healing while maximizing the structural and integrity of the foot, is the objective of surgical intervention in treating diabetic foot infections.
How to reduce the risk of diabetes?
Diabetes in India is treated firstly by decreasing the risk that will slide you towards the doors of surgery and if the condition is already severe then your surgeon will prefer different surgeries. There are many ways that could help you to avoid the risk of diabetes and here are some of them listed below:
• Lose excess body fat because overweight can cause risk for diabetes.
• Follow a plant-based, low-calorie diet. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables
• Drink water
• Keep making body movements
• Stress less
• Sleep well
• Keep medical appointments
Helping You Walk with Care:
It is true that diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in our country which is almost 12-14% nearly as double with respect to a decade old incidence of 6 to 7%.
After developing several foot problem diabetic foot doctors in Vashi recommend patients to cleaning, covering and regular blood sugar checkup of the wounds. Sweet Clinc in Vashi delivers everything related to diabetes treatment under one roof. Though it is always recommended to prevent the diabetic foot wounds than to treat them but different methods are to manage diabetic foot such as diabetic foot surgery.

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Dr Vinood Methil is a senior Consultant Diabetologist practising in Navi Mumbai for last 24 years.He has done his MBBS and post graduation Diploma in Diabetology from Topiwala National Medical College and B.Y.L.Nair Hospital Mumbai University.He has also trained in the esteemed All India Institute for Diabetes ,SL Raheja Fortis Hospital and was a Clinical Associate here for Two years.He has worked in United Kingdom NHS in medicine for 2 years.He has extensive experience in manging Complicated Diabetes Mellitus, Gestatinal Diabetes,Type 1Diabetes ,Prevention of Diabetes,Thyroid problems .He ie a Member of American Diabetes Association, Endocrine society America,United Diabetes Forum India. Right now Diabetologist at sweet clinics.