PDF format has become extremely popular in recent times. People tend to prefer to prefer reading content on PDF format. This has led to an abundance of free convert PDF and free PDF editor options. It has never been this easy to convert PDF to word. If you are interested in learning more about PDF format, this post is just for you. It shares all the information you need to know about PDF format before you start using a PDF converter.

What Is PDF?

For those of you who do not know what PDF mean. It is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format. The name itself makes sense when you come to think of it. With an online PDF converter, it is possible to display documents in electronic form independent of the operating system, hardware, or software the document is viewed on.

Who Developed PDF?

Adobe Systems originally developed the format as a universally compatible file format that is PostScript format-based. Today, it has become the de-facto standard for exchanging information and documents across the globe. It was only in 2008 that Adobe relinquished its control over PDF development. This resulted in PDF becoming an open standard for everyone to use. Now, you can use free convert PDF for converting just about every document to PDF for free. As ISO is now responsible for updating and creating new versions, its most recent version is the PDF 2.0.

Advantages of PDF Format

There are many benefits of using PDF format. It is due to this reason that the demand for free PDF editor options has skyrocketed. People are searching for an online PDF converter now more than ever before. The following PDF advantages will convince you to use a PDF converter.

1. Graphic Integrity

One of the main advantages of using PDF format through an online PDF converter is that it provides you with graphic integrity. If you have ever used PDF to word and vice-versa, you would have realized that a PDF displays similar content and layout regardless of the operating system, software application, or device used.

2. Multi-Dimensional

Another great thing about PDF format is that it is multi-dimensional. This means that you have the option to integrate different types of content such as text, videos, images, audio files, vector graphics, 3D models, buttons, hyperlinks, and interactive fields. Even when you convert PDF to word, you will get to convert all these features with ease. With all these elements available, PDF format allows you to organize a portfolio, presentation, and report.

3. Convenient

When you use PDF format, you will agree that it is the most convenient format out there. You can easily create, use, and read PDFs.

3. Secure

Finally, PDF format offers security options such as digital signatures, passwords, and waterworks. These options help protect your content.


PDF format has become the norm. We all use it in our daily lives for carrying out all types of tasks. Now that you know everything about PDF, you can make the most of it.

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