I have been writing daily for years.

I love to write. Yet, every once in a while the struggle to write never left me.

There are days when I feel inspired, and words come out spontaneously.

There are days when I find myself staring at a blank page and I couldn’t come up with anything.

And there would be days I don’t even want to open my PC.

When I look at writers online; those who write and publish each day without fail, I stand in wonder, “how the hell do they do it.”

I convinced myself that great writers don’t struggle. Which led me to believe that no matter how hard I pursue my craft, I would never reach their level of spontaneity.

I don’t make my living writing. But I thought it would be fun if I could develop the habit and discipline to write like the professionals do.

So, I have kept asking myself, “do successful writers don’t struggle at all?”

One day I finally found my answer.

I bought a course on writing from a well-known writer online.

He’s making a living from his blog and publishes each day. Aside from his blog posts, he guest posts and, sends newsletter to his subscribers weekly.

In one of the videos that I watched, the author mentioned in passing that writing is at times a struggle. Even after writing daily for years.

It caught my attention. That statement finally awakened me.

I’m not different, I thought. Here is a man who has been writing and publishing each day for the last number of years. Yet, even with his solid writing experience, he admits that he struggles.

I finally realized everyone struggles.

James Clear in his book “Atomic Habits” (which I highly recommend) mentioned that even a habit that has been functioning for years may one day collapse.

But what you do after you miss that one day is what matters most. Miss another day and the original habit is now being replaced by a new one.

This applies to all activities and routines in your life not only writing.

I face the same challenge when I get up each morning to jog. There are days I would find myself dragging my feet.

But no matter what, I see to it that I jog each day..

So, if a day comes and a part of you holds you back, muster the strength to keep going.

It’s what you do at the moment of struggle that will differentiate you from the pros and amateurs. The amateurs might skip but the pros will not unless it’s out of their control.

The next time you struggle for the next blog post, sit and force yourself to write.

If you wake up and feel sleepy to hit the road, drag your feet and get out.

Do everything to keep going. Don’t allow laziness to hold you back.

And in case you miss a day, don’t allow yourself to miss twice.

Then people will see your consistency and accomplishments and wonder, “how the hell does he do it?”

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I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in 2 countries, USA (Guam) and Philippines. I am currently the Chief Accountant of a utilities provider of Northern Mariana Islands, USA. Aside from running an Accounting Department, I also run a company providing accounting and tax services. On my spare time, I write and share about Building Self-confidence on my blog.