Everyone Has a Gift….Divine Synchronicity at Work
From “Everything We Need to Know We Learn from the Media”

One thing I realized early in life was that we all have gifts to share with each other without exception. We can and should share what we have learned along the way irrespective of not being “The Expert” so touted in today’s society.

Whether it’s an off-hand comment heard in a restaurant, on the street, at work, or talking to your friends and family, there’s is divine synchronicity a foot everywhere. Spirit working with your own higher self is going to make sure you get an answer to your question even before you formulate it as a question. While it’s still in the embryonic thought form state, if you’re pondering something, it will be addressed in your personal sphere of daily experiences.

In your conscious moments you will find it is there without even searching for it in whatever arena you spend your time. It’s different for everyone because we all have different aspects of life we engage in. Everything you need to know about how to live life successfully and beneficently is on the sites you go to for other reasons, in the media coverage, the news shows, the talk shows, in books, and your favorite movies, for the asking, subliminal as it may be.

You think it and someone somewhere is talking about some version of it or has already addressed it and you are inspired to expand on the topic from a different perspective or even a similar one.

Being a writer interested in literature, philosophy and theology, I used to think the information I was seeking was to be found solely in books, sacred scriptures, the wisdom of the elders, the ancient mystery schools and divine inspiration. I used to tell my children to randomly open scripture and ask their question and find the answer on one of the pages they turned to. As a young mother I believed if you read to your children from Shakespeare, Gibran, and the Bible, gave them required lists of books to read and movies to watch, and hung “Desiderata” and Kipling’s “If” in their rooms, they would grow up to be noble, well rounded, productive happy individuals.

That paradigm, while still valid, has undergone a change in its delivery system. Purely and simply this gift of synchronicity makes our lives easier by keeping us in the flow of the inspiration that we’re sitting it at the moment because access to the matter under consideration is being presented to us in precisely perfect timing.

It happens too often for it to be coincidence which doesn’t actually exist. It’s more like the universe providing you with the next step to move you forward with your intentions. And with the wide range of things that come to the mind of a person with a traditional liberal education whose constantly writing on a variety of topics, it isn’t that it’s on the mind of everyone and you’re downloading public opinion because we’re all connected in consciousness. Since I’m often presenting different information oppositional to popular viewpoints and have been for many years before they were in the public domain, it can’t be sourcing from quantum entanglement.

In today’s era of busied rushing about and multitasking we are being provided with insights and gifts constantly without effort on our part. To paraphrase Carlos Castaneda, Spirit is constantly passing by us whispering to us but we are too busy to notice.

So now, appropriate to the fast paced digital information age we live in, we’re all getting our “hits,” from our electronic devices that have all the televised shows, books, and movies for viewing at will. It’s all there you know, nicely packaged for us. I have ample evidence. I’ve accumulated enough “tasty morsels” of wisdom from all these sources for several books and it never stops. I guess Spirit got tired of waiting for us to stop and slip into the silence and listen.

To continue with this excerpt from the book I’m editing on life lessons we learn from the media, here is a broadcast relevant to the theory that we’re all teachers and we’re all students which is why when the student is ready, the teacher will come. We’re beyond ready so divine synchronicity has come. How exciting and expansive it makes life to share perspectives. Every day is another day of opportunity to shift viewpoints and alter attitudes.

Today’s synchronistic affirmation was on CBS News Sunday Morning from the ‘Shuffle Along’ Broadway show segment. It’s a quote from Tony winning writer director, George C. Wolfe.

Wolfe is more than the director. He “often takes time out to be a mentor and a friend despite long days, high stakes and hard work.”

He advises his actors to “Never rush through failure… walk…. walk…. anything you notice?
They have secrets. Everybody in the cast. They have secrets and we all have secrets having lived on the planet and we know things about love and loss and our parents and our children and our dogs and what really matters and what doesn’t matter, and if you can create the correct environment, everybody brings all of that.”


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