Today, because of the emergence of women liberation and so many other claims about the abilities of the woman; many women are forced to ask for there is a place for them in the creative world. It is obvious that she has a lot to do in the creative world looking at the length the today’s woman have gone to creating a mark for herself. She has visibly created a niche for herself in every field of endeavour. However, for those still in doubt here are some facts to help put the record straight.
Recent researches on sex drive reveal that a normal male or female has the same half-dozen hormone only in differing amounts. It is Testosterone that fuels sex drive in men and estrogen in women. One researcher, however, found that those women who were given a hormone additive had a dramatically higher level of desire and arousal. Also they had more energy and a greater sense of well-being.
Desire is the birth of creativity. The table of thoughts is also the table of desire and creativity, which also house sex drive. Therefore sex drive and creativity are woven together on the same table.
Researchers recall that thinking about sex is the reason for arousal. The same way thinking prompts creativity. If thinking prompts creativity and sex, it means that excess of one is at the expense of the other.
Libido, which is the Latin word for desire is the psychic and emotional energy, associated with instinctual drive; it also means sexual desire or manifestation of the sex drive. Psychic, don't forget is the ability to know what others are thinking and what will happen in the future. And instinctual, the power to react based on feelings. Libido therefore has in it psychic, emotional and instinctual energy.
The woman has the three. But the separation and proper usage is her problem. Because she is more emotional than rational. She picks the emotional energy at the expense of the creative energy, the psychic and instinct. She does not know that imagination and intuition are vital to good science and that women's intuition is the most accurate.
In psychoanalytic theory, libido, is the energy of the 'id' or a major portion of the unconscious mind, responsible for acts of creation. According to the theories of Austrian psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, libido is the sex instinct, which can be re-channeled as artistic creation.
Sex drive is real, everybody that is normal should naturally burn with it. It is a sign of being alive and healthy. But these drives can be re-channeled to more creative acts other than sex.
How? When extensive amounts of creative energy (libido) is exhaled on other tasks (like practical thinking, creativity) there will be little energy left to fuel the sex drive. Consequently, the individual will have less drive or desire for sex. Note; it can't be totally eradicated but it can be subdued to a controllable limit.
It is only unmarried singles who are supposed to practise this. The woman is supposed to channel her libido to creative works when she is unmarried and channel it for sex drive when she is married. But the reverse is the case today, the unmarried woman wants to sleep with and flirt their sexuality around all men and the married woman wants to do the entire house chore. This is why most marriages have problems. When a woman can't respond to her husband, he will have no choice but to seek it in those amorous singles who instead of curbing their sex drive have let it flow in service of all but hope to curb it when married. Wrong theory, wrong application.
Channel your libido correctly, as singles go for practical thinking, be creative and impact your world via resourceful application of your intellect. Don't destroy other people's homes/marriages. Close your legs and be productive; be useful to your generation. Don't mar homes, choose to make homes and your future home will be made. You can be the best scientist ever; your intuition is what is needed first in any discovery. All scientists first have intuition about the existence of anything that he will later prove via observations and experiments. Stop experimenting with sex baby, go for creativity.
Re-channel your libido correctly, as a married woman, employ it more on sex drive and your marriage will spark with a new flavour of love. You are the best your husband could find that is why he chose you. Please don't make him regret it by playing cold, you are hot, you are the best. It is believed that about 75% of American married women have decreased libido but for the singles, none. They are all active. I guess you know the reason now, turn the table around baby, start now.
You are a natural inventor. Wired with wombs that can think creativity and as a result becomes productive, don’t waste it. Every thought that swims into your mind is a seed, a brand new seed in your intellectual womb; save the good one, nurture it and you will see that of a truth you are not inventor per excellence.

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Austin is a man who saw the future. What he saw like the biblical Prophet Ezekiel becomes fire in his bone that generates unusual passion to save the woman and the child. He is a trained research writer cum communicator whose passion and discovery gave birth to Sisters’ House of Esteem; a Christian youth movement poised to organise and build the 21st century woman and inspire the child. He has Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English and Literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He went through the Living Faith Church Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) where he obtained Basic Certificate Course (BCC) and Leadership Certificate Course (LCC) respectively. And his Masters in Christian Counseling and PhD in Christian Psychology both from Bible Impact University, Portugal. His exposés, researches, teachings and messages of Healing for the woman are in demand by several ladies nationwide. He knows that “healing for the woman is healing for the world” and “that the woman is the hope of the 'next'”. He presently doubles as the Coordinator General (CG), of Sisters’ House of Esteem (SHE), and a Life-Coach in Dream Intel. Where he has develop depth of quantum intelligence to help the woman as she help unveil the priceless future in the child.