Content is one of the most important tools for generating leads online. Every law firm needs a legal content writer to create blogs, e-books, and informational texts. 

People who need legal assistance look for attorneys online. According to a consumer survey conducted by Thomson Reuters, 38% of respondents said they would first use the Internet to find a lawyer before switching to other channels. That compares with 29% who would ask a friend and only 4% who would trust the yellow pages. The Internet is now the most popular way to find a lawyer, and producing digital content is the easiest and cheapest way to be found. This is why every law firm needs a legal content writer.

When you hire the help of a legal content writer, you need to know how to make your content speak to search engines. Without search engine optimization (SEO), the likelihood of someone reading your content is much lower. A legal content writer creates each piece of content with a focus keyword or keywords.

If you are looking for clients in New York, you may have better luck ranking for "New York personal injury attorney." Marketers can help you determine your best keyword choices. They have access to software that helps them identify relevant keywords and optimize written content.

Once your legal content writer has created a large amount of content, you will start to see high rankings for search queries. Optimize each web page and blog post for a specific keyword to expand your reach to multiple queries. SEO is not an exact science because the Internet is dynamic. With an ongoing content effort, you will ensure that you are always achieving many rankings.

To build trust, a legal content writer creates content that is truly useful to readers. They can do this by answering frequently asked legal questions, providing information on local laws, addressing news and other media topics. The best legal writers are experienced in conducting research and synthesizing their findings into a reliable legal copy. When readers find your content useful, they are more likely to seek a query.

Many legal marketing firms claim to do SEO. Some will even provide you with content. But too often, they write content entirely for search engines. Copy full of awkward keyword repeats and pointless messages won't build trust or convert leads. Many of these companies specialize in rapid website production, which means they won't take the time to develop a web copy that works. 

Marketing agencies serve businesses in many different industries. Each project they undertake is unique, which means that the web development, content writing, and search engine optimization they undertake are different for each client. When you enlist the help of a legal content writer at a marketing agency, there is just another attorney on your to-do list.


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