Chances are, that relationship you’re ending has been
knocking at death’s door for quite some time now or should
never have begun to start with. The handwriting has been
on the wall but you didn’t have the courage to say that it’s
over. Bad advice from your peers, relatives and so-called
friends is more than likely all, or at least part, of the reason
you haven’t had the courage to let go and get on with your
life. Your family and friends may have no clue of the stress
and extreme pain you suffer on a daily basis or they may not
know any different themselves. Many people prolong dissolution because they just don’t want to deal with confrontation. That is the equivalent of
being too tired to take a bath because the longer you wait
the more life stinks. If you’re reading this, that’s proof it’s
time to break away from the pack. You will have to do this
on your own and you can!
No one in their right mind sets out in life to fail at
anything, especially if it results in a broken heart. It doesn’t
matter whose fault it is—it hurts the same. Relationships
end for different reasons. Often people grow apart. At times
there’s infidelity or disloyalty. Whatever the case, as with all
things in life eventually even the best of situations are
subject to what seems to be a heartless end. Be it karma,
poor judgement, immaturity or just plain stupid moves, all
bad relationships end because they weren’t established
properly from the start. Now, before you go blaming
someone else, examine your contribution to the situation.
God promised you life, not misery, and life more
abundantly. He also feeds the birds every day but he doesn’t
throw worms in the nest or help them build it. Only a fool
begins construction of anything from a nest to a house to a
relationship without first planning and examining its cost.

Author's Bio: 

Acknowledged as a contemporary thought leader and hard-hitting relationship expert, D. Ivan Young continues to tear down barriers and transform lives. His simple, direct, and uncomplicated discussions spark new thinking and heal broken people. His insightful yet, provocative teaching style on complex relationship subjects has been hailed by fans across the country as remarkable. Young’s effectual and powerful dialogue has helped women develop healthy relationships and understand their true intended purpose despite challenges.
Recognized as the premier life coach for 21st Century Urban America, Young is the best-selling author of Break Up, Don’t Break Down. He is also President and CEO of Reality -N- 3D Publishing Inc., and a sought-after Life Coach. D. Ivan Young’s personal experience of turmoil and pitfalls associated with self-serving relationships create a strong commonality with his readers. Catapulted to a personal journey and process of transformation, Young triumphed and eliminated insurmountable obstacles that metamorphed him professionally and spiritually. D. Ivan Young has developed effective no-nonsense tools that enable women to take personal authority of their ultimate destiny and overcome seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Young was awarded the Vice Chancellors Award for leadership from the University of Houston and is currently an esteemed member of the International Coach Federation. In addition, Young continually gives back to the community by focusing his attention on the mentorship of at risk youth. Over the years, D. Ivan Young has been featured on CNN, CBS Radio, and the Tom Pope Show. His most recent book, Break Up, Don’t Break Down released by Reality -N- 3D Publishing in April, 2010.