Even your biggest heroes were unknown before they started.

Everyone starts somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start. Some people start with better opportunities than others. Some people start with less but the fact is all the people that you have heard of are people who started. They started as unknowns and they built their success from that. This is how they became our hero’s.

When you develop self-belief you are able to dream- -These dreams turn into events and opportunities to make those dreams real. This vision is born in the mind and developed in the mind first before it can appear in the world.

Think about your biggest heroes and think about what they had to overcome to achieve the status that they did. Think about how they were able to do this. This is a key part of becoming self-empowered. This is a key part in living the dream. Learning to focus on having something that seems far, far away is the key. Developing this is not an easy task, but then, what in life is?

What did our heroes learn?

Learning to do something new almost always takes time and effort. The results may not be what you wanted them to be. What this really means is that you haven’t convinced yourself that the impossible is possible yet. Your sub-couscous still thinks that you can’t achieve it. This is where the commitment to success has to take root. This is where the vision has to be practiced and made strong. Each day you need to tell yourself that you are going to achieve your goal. Each day you have to build that belief that you can accomplish it. The stronger your self-belief- - the bigger the results.

You have read many stories of your heroes struggling to succeed and you think to yourself, “How could anyone say no to that person”. It is amazing that some of our hero’s found the strength and belief to keep going but they had a vision and that vision was undoubtedly attainable for them.

Most things don’t happen overnight.- -Life is a journey and it is to be enjoyed in each moment throughout the journey. Every step you take toward your goal is one step closer your journey’s end.

The problem is that a lot of people take the first few steps and as soon as they stumble they decide that it is too hard and give up. If you don’t convince your subconscious that you will succeed then when you stumble it will feel like you should quit. You get the result that you expect. The key is to expect nothing but what you envisioned.

When you are armed with this self-empowerment you gain a confident that no matter what happens you will find a way to succeed. This is what our heroes knew. They knew that they would draw the things and situations needed to succeed.

Their vision will come to be in the real world. Before you knew who your heroes were they knew where they were going and they stayed focused on it.
They taught themselves to believe.

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