One Community is a non-profit organization creating self-replicating living models that simultaneously address the foundations of every challenge our planet is currently facing. Believing humanity has the ability and resources to positively and permanently transform the world for everyone, One Community is facilitating this by creating detailed open source blueprints covering all aspects of sustainability. These blueprints will be used to build and open source share 7-sustainable village models as a replicable new-paradigm fulfilled-living model and eco-tourism destination for The Highest Good of All.

HUGS(Humans Unifying Global Solutions) is a new paradigm non-profit dedicated to facilitating the research, unification and sharing of non-violent solutions for global sustainability and well-being. An open source charity with sacred transparency between our team, our supporters, the communities and projects we are supporting and the distribution of the funds and resources which we collectively raise to reach our dreams and goals.
We are in mid development of a pilot project to serve as reproducible model which provides basic resources i.e: clean water, food, fiber, and fuel to poor communities. This is a part of our effort to provide access to these basic necessities to communities who need it. Our models will provide a sustainable foundation for the communities to have their basic needs met and to produce an abundance of materials that will be able to derive a sustainable income by providing their excess materials and products in national and international markets. This project is called Abrazos Peru!

he Guardian Alliance is an active learning community dedicated to exploring the edge of human potential, unlocking our deepest gifts, and applying our skills for the benefit of all life. We provide online and offline courses, a wide range of advanced self-mastery practices, empowering community experiences, and Quests for individuals to get involved in making positive impacts in the world.
We are a collective of Sovereign Beings that recognize that we all are part of a collective field that is constantly learning about itself, and each of us have an essential role in manifesting the well-being of all life. Through the Journey of facing our own deepest fears, embracing our personal shadows with love, we chose to see that all people can reach their highest potential. Through teamwork and the support of our Alliance, we discover that each of us also has the Gift to help others. We chose to stand as a pillar, a guiding light of compassion and love, respect and justice, peace and honor, joy and truth. Through our dedication, we create the resonance that enables others to feel what it feels like to Shine.

These Organizations and more are all part of the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty, a global collective of Sovereign beings choosing to embody Unconditional Love as we act upon solutions that uplift all of humankind.

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We are a Network of Open, Beyond Sustainable, Co-governed Communities, New Paradigm Nonprofits, Cooperative Businesses, Sovereign Beings and Micro Nations dedicated to spreading Unconditional Love, Healing, Abundance, and Justice.