Umrah is such a significant travel experience in every Muslim’s life that he can’t afford to have mismanagement during this sacred journey. Most travel agencies around the world work tirelessly to make this minor pilgrimage as convenient and manageable for pilgrims as possible. With several things being managed for pilgrims, they can perform their religious obligations with concentration, fear, and humility which are states of mind essential to perform any religious compulsion.

What Does February Umrah Packages Include?

Like any other Umrah package, February Umrah packages also include the following essentials:
• Visa Processing
• Flight Tickets
• Accommodation
• Transport
• Meals

Why February is the Ideal Month to Perform Umrah?
February is not the only month but it is among the ideal months of the year to perform Umrah for the following reasons:
• Less Crowded
• Affordable Flight Charges
• Affordable Accommodation
• Pleasant Weather
• Proximity to Holy Sites
• Relish Additional Benefits

Let’s discuss each of the aforementioned benefits!

 Less Crowded
There is relatively less crowd in February which makes it convenient for visitors to perform pilgrimage in a comfortable setting. They can focus on their worship and obligations while reaping the finest benefits of incredible February Umrah packages.

 Affordable Accommodation
Every pilgrim requires comfortable accommodation during his stay in both Makkah and Medinah, fitting his budget and needs. The hotel prices vary for the different standards of accommodation. Pilgrims can reserve suitable accommodation at reasonable rates by availing of February Umrah packages. The reason for reasonable hotel prices is due to relatively fewer people coming in February for Umrah. To encourage intending pilgrims, hotel prices drop, and intending pilgrims can conveniently afford better accommodations at relatively low rates.

 Affordable Flight Charges
Flight charges impact the overall package and in less crowded months of Umrah like In February, numerous airlines cut down their flight charges significantly to encourage intending pilgrims to perform Umrah. This provides major financial benefits to intending pilgrims who can perform Umrah while keeping their budget intact. In another case, if they are left with extra money after getting discounted flight tickets, they can spend extra money on purchasing additional services that will augment their spiritual journey.

 Pleasant Weather
Weather is one of the top concerning factors as it highly impacts the convenience of performing Umrah. Saudi Arabia is a desert country, therefore, the climate is mostly hot and dry, which makes both Hajj and Umrah difficult to perform. However, the month of February is relatively cold and the weather is pleasant with temperatures ranging from 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. This makes the pilgrimage much easier to perform compared to other months. Pilgrims, especially older ones can perform Umrah obligations conveniently and with much concentration.

 Proximity to Holy Sites
The bonus of being able to buy accommodations at reasonable prices is that certain pilgrims who can afford 3 to 5-star hotels, can also enjoy proximity to holy sites. Having this benefit is a luxury, especially during Umrah, where pilgrims mostly have to walk on foot. Older pilgrims, those in wheelchairs, and those who are handicapped, benefit the most from this convenience during Umrah.

 Additional Benefits
There is an added benefit for pilgrims who have extra money to spend after utilizing affordable February Umrah packages. They can spend that money to acquire additional facilities. These added facilities for which they will have to pay include:
• Guided ziarat expeditions
• Food arrangements
• Religious or spiritual guidance
• Booking time and place for worshipping at a specific holy site.
• Pilgrims can also book a specific date and time of departure according to their schedule. This is especially helpful for those who have constricted work schedules and need to set off and return according to their planned schedule.

All the aforementioned are prime and additional benefits of availing of remarkable February Umrah packages. Umrah is an important expedition that enriches the soul and spiritually transforms Muslims and their life priorities. Therefore, it is imperative to meet the demands of these pilgrims and provide the best packages that cater to those requirements. February Umrah packages are specifically designed to provide relief to intending pilgrims and offer convenience to aptly perform Umrah with their loved ones, and make this significant excursion, a memorable one.

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