When people used to talk about the future of retail, their ideas often sounded like science fiction. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, retail trends that were once thought to happen in decades are happening right now.

Once, e-/commerce was all about speed and convenience, which companies like Amazon nailed. Now, however, people are adding more value to immersive experiences that put the customer at the center.

Enter: virtual shopping platform / store!

What Exactly Is Virtual Shopping?

The term "virtual shopping" refers to an online store or website with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Online shoppers can 'walk' through a store, look at product displays, and make purchases as they would in person - all from the comfort of their own homes. Every experience is personal and specific to the shopper. It's a one-of-a-kind synthesis of the immersive aspect of physical retail and the convenience of online shopping.

Many brick-and-mortar stores are seeking to enter the virtual world. ShopConnect helps such retailers and brands to build hyper-personalized and immersive shopping experiences for their customers with a live shopping platform.

How Do Virtual Shopping Stores Make Shopping More Enjoyable and Comfortable?

Having a virtual store has a lot of benefits, and it can help brands and e-commerce platforms make more revenue.

Make shopping more fun and interesting: Brands can create a virtual store and offer an interactive shopping experience through one-to-many or one-to-one live videos for personalized shopping. ShopConnect uses state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that adds an interactive layer on top of the video using WhatsApp, SMS, Chat, and Voice to humanize shopping experiences. It makes the experience very interesting, which causes people to spend more time on websites wanting to shop more, simplifying checkouts, and increasing sales.

Provide Maximum Convenience: The most effective virtual store offers a simple, stress-free buying experience. VR lets you look around the store without leaving the comfort of your home. The ability to choose each product from within the store customize products, and virtually try them in their space improves the buying experience.

In essence, ShopConnect augments engagement and personalization with real-time in-store-like conversations.

Use Real-Time Analytics: ShopConnect helps you create a virtual shopping website that allows you to get real-time interaction insights, forecast sales, and customer data points with their confirmed cellphone number directly from the dashboard. You can use customer data to improve your product campaigns, and marketing strategy and enhance sales. You can also save live movies and use them for future replays. It allows you to give your customers an enjoyable shopping experience for better conversion rates.

Closing lines

Creating a virtual shop is an excellent approach to capture and attract a wider geographical audience these digital capabilities can reinvent product launches, giveaways, and deals. They empower your sales teams and create opportunities for interactive one-to-many video shopping experiences.

Give your customers more ways to shop with virtual shopping experiences. Get in touch with ShopConnect today!

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Increase your sales with highly interactive online shopping experiences for your customers with ShopConnect's interactive live video shopping platform for eCommerce and retail stores.