Do you know what it means to enjoy? That’s a word so commonly used that perhaps we take it for granted. Maybe it’s time to think about this and allow ourselves to know what it means to enjoy. What does “enjoy” actually feel like?

The definition of enjoy: to receive pleasure from; take joy in

If you’re going to enjoy something, you’re actually taking joy in it. Whether it’s an experience, a thing, a person, a state of being – whatever it is, to enjoy it is to feel joy in it, to feel pleasure. Do you know what joy feels like? If you’re disconnected from your joy, you may receive a certain amount of pleasure from whatever it is you are hoping to enjoy, but not fully experiencing the feeling of actual joy.

What is joy? This should be an easy one to answer, but perhaps it’s not. Joy is actually the True State of our Being. It’s a facet of love – true, unconditional love. True joy is among the highest of all vibrational frequencies. It is a state of pure love. It is the highest form of happiness. It goes beyond happiness, beyond satisfaction, beyond pleasure. And it’s not something that we have in a conditional way, but rather, it’s that we connect with the true bliss of Spirit within our hearts, and feel joy regardless of any perceived external circumstances, events or situations.

True joy is felt by being centered in your heart, and “out of your head.” In other words, it’s not part of that 3% of your conscious thoughts. It goes much deeper than that. In our conscious minds, we put conditions on the joy we allow ourselves to feel, telling ourselves that when things go our way, it’s appropriate to let ourselves feel good, but when things get difficult or challenging, we have to feel miserable, and refrain from allowing ourselves to feel joy until things change. It’s a great big lie we collectively tell ourselves, in thinking we cannot be happy or feel joy until our lives get better, and in thinking this way, we end up making our lives much more difficult for much longer. What if you simply connected with your heart instead? What if you allowed yourself to feel joy, even if your world appeared to be crumbling around you? Do you think it can’t be done? Do you believe it’s just too difficult to feel joy if everything outside and around you seems to be depressing, maddening, stressful, dangerous, and wrong? Do you believe you have to punish yourself for the way your life appears to be going, by refusing to step into your heart and feel your innate joy? If so, why do you believe this? Why do you believe you must not be happy until your life gets better? Think about it.

We brought our essence into these lives with us. We made it an absolute part of who we are. In fact, we put joy right into the core of who we are – into our hearts – and it was always meant for us to connect and draw upon the joy in our hearts throughout our lives. Why would there always be joy in our hearts if we were not meant to access it? Why is it there if we were meant to live in misery?

Why do so many of us feel guilty if we allow ourselves to feel joy when life around us is so difficult? Do you believe you have to suffer if others around you are suffering? Do you believe you can help people around you if you’re suffering just as much? Or do you think that perhaps, if you were connected to the joy and love in your heart – to the innate power that is the REAL you – that you might be able to help others more? Would you rather share in people’s misery, or would you rather help them find the way to their joy by knowing and teaching them how? Do you think you’re unworthy or undeserving of that? If that’s how you feel, would you please take a moment and connect with your heart. In your heart is the Truth. You are deserving. You are worthy. You are more than worthy. You ARE Joy. Any notion to the contrary is a lie – a subconscious belief – a program – that is not true.

Are you having difficulty connecting with your heart? That’s understandable, as most of us have never been taught how to get out of our heads and into our hearts. But it’s not difficult. Meditation is one way of doing this. Learning the difference between your ego-mind and your Spirit-Mind is another. Your ego-mind tells you lies; your Spirit-Mind always tells you the Truth. Which one are you listening to?

So the next time someone says to you, “enjoy,” I’d like for you to really think about that word. Allow yourself to connect with your heart and feel joy. No matter how you may have judged a thing, a person, an experience, as good or bad, or wanted or unwanted, regardless of what is happening outside you, or how hard or crazy your life might seem, I would like for you to take this word, “enjoy,” and FEEL it. Go to your heart and ask, “what does it mean to enjoy? What does joy feel like?“ And simply allow yourself to feel it. And then when you see or hear the word, “enjoy,” remember to do just that.


Author's Bio: 

Patricia Reed is Founder and Author of, creator of Energetic Mastery Mindset™ Coaching and Mind Shift ThetaHealing® Videos. She is also a practitioner of NLP, ThetaHealing®, Reiki, TFT®, EFT®, and Reconnective Healing®, as well as an empath, divine channel, and intuitive coach. Additionally, she is an expert in nutrition and mind-body-spirit detoxification.

Patricia assists you in releasing energetic blockages on the subconscious level, as well as in teaching you how to focus your thoughts to allow Spirit to flow without resistance, so that you may know the difference between ego-mind and Spirit-Mind, and understand how to choose to be guided by Spirit at all times in manifesting your life as you command it. Her focus in coaching and teaching is in showing you how your mindset and subconscious programming have together been creating your life on auto-pilot, and in training you in how to take charge of your own mind.

Patricia offers private, one-on-one coaching to help you to understand and clarify your desires and purpose, and learn how to focus your thoughts and reprogram your subconscious mind to make you the conscious creator of your own life.