This solution is designed to plan a digital marketing strategy on mobile devices using latest mobile trends and technologies to enhance users’ online media presence. The solution is capable to convert the users’ web portfolio suite of more than 300 sites to mobile enabled websites.

Business Challenge for the Solution:
1.Around 300 or more websites had to be made available on mobile. Irrespective of the technologies that these websites were built on, the solution had to be capable enough to handle the conversion of website into the mobile website.

2.The solution had to accurately estimate the budget, effort and time required to enable a website to appear on the mobile.

3.The solution had to respond quickly to the change requests coming from the business teams. The response time of the solution had to be minimal to attend to the change requests that constantly get updated.

4.The websites had to be delivered on the mobile devices right from the day one of its launch without any significant additions in cost or efforts.

5.Supporting the ever evolving sophisticated devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone was the main concern for this solution. However, the designers and developers have made this application so flexible that it can readily adapt to the changing mobility landscape.

6.Lastly, the solution was expected to plan a strategy for developing a special framework that would provision all the digital content safely and successfully.

Software Solution for developing the digital marketing strategy:

The proper design of the mobility solution depends solely on the software solution that is identified and analyzed by the mobility specialists. By carefully following the strategies framed by the designers, this solution is done to perfection. Here are the strategies that were followed in order to craft the application.

1.Assessment of the existing digital content and online presence was to be done as it was very important to understand the development technologies that were used. As the website had to be launched on the mobile platform, the use of animations, flash content's type and size and other details had to be dealt effectively for a proper user experience on mobile devices.

2.The content repurposing was identified and categorized with a view to get a whole new set of audience virtually. This would result in brand building and reputation management of the user's firm.

3.Develop a strategy for evaluating the complexities that surrounds the repurposing requirements.

4.Prioritize the work flow throughout so that arriving at a budget plan for core frameworks and planning for agile development process is hassle free and effective.

5.Suggest a framework that would not only enable the reuse of the infrastructure installed in the environment but also reuse the components that is already available. This strategy will progressively reduce the development costs.

6.Evaluate the exiting processes, identify gaps and recommend guidelines that are best practices to support mobile web sites.

Benefits that are foreseen with the Mobile Digital Marketing Strategy solution:

1.The solution provides a clear understanding of the challenges and the requirements that are prevalent in the development process of the mobile enabled websites.

2.It is an excellent guideline to provision the content and that it can mobile enable the websites in bulk or individually.

3.Enhanced ability to estimate the budgetary requirements based on the estimation model developed by the technology consulting team.

4.Reuse of the infrastructure and software components in order to optimize the total cost of the ownership (TCO).

Author's Bio: 

Since 2002, Endeavour - The Mobility Company, has remained focused on strategic mobile consulting & mobile application development. Endeavour's strategic consulting practice brings best mobility practices and has helped large organizations and fortune 500 companies with articulating their enterprise mobility strategies and implementation road maps.