If you are currently job-hunting, you probably want to use every possible advantage to help you land the perfect job. In addition to brushing up your resume, it can also be helpful to utilize some of the principles of feng shui. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to enhance your career and help you find a job that is just right for you.

Create Your Achievement Area

Looking for a new job can often be quite stressful. In fact, sometimes it can also be a little hard on one's self-esteem. Constantly discussing your qualifications and achievements during job interviews can sometimes make you start to doubt your abilities. To counteract this tendency, create an achievement area in your home. In this space, display items that represent the things you have achieved during your career. For example, your college diploma or training certificates could be framed and placed upon the wall. If you have any awards or mementos from projects that were performed successfully in the past, these would also be good additions to your achievement area.

Enhance Your Ability to Learn

Changing jobs often involves the need to learn a few new skills. If you are currently trying to enhance your attractiveness in the job market by taking a class or course, create an atmosphere that will encourage learning. Make sure your desk is positioned in a command position so that you can see the door of the room instead of the wall. If possible, choose a room where your desk can face northeast, since this will help to encourage learning and wisdom. Hang a crystal in the room's northeast corner to promote a good study environment. Remove all possible distractions from the room, such as radios or televisions. Although you might need a computer for your studies, you should remove as many unnecessary electronic components from the room as possible, as they can disrupt the positive flow of energy. Although your study area should be decorated sparsely to decrease distractions, it can be helpful to hang a few pictures that portray learning and knowledge. If there is a leader in your field, a mentor, or a person you particularly admire, their portrait could also bring you inspiration in your study area.

Enhance Your Personal Growth

Personal growth is important in all areas of your life, and your career is no exception to this rule. If you are struggling to discover what career path you should pursue, it can be helpful to create an environment where personal growth is encouraged and enhanced. Start by clearing every bit of clutter from the front left corner of your home, which is the area representing personal growth. If you have a few books that are relevant to the career path you are considering, place them in this area. Display a few blue and black objects to provide further enhancement. This is also a great place to display a photo of a leader in the field you wish to pursue, or of a person you truly admire.

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