What does your energy tell you about yourself, are you highly strung, are you argumentative, do people talk nice to you, do people talk abruptly to you, do people smile at you, or do you get odd looks.

Did you know that we are receivers of what we send out.. If your energy is vibrating stress, anxiety, hate or anger, it is likely that you will receive back the same type of energy you are delivering. The same goes for love, joy, happiness and gratitude, if you are sending this out as you go about your day then it is likely that you will get that back.

But where is the proof... the proof comes in the form of a little Mexican called Cesar.

The Dog Whisper - Cesar Millan

One of my most favorite shows to watch on TV is The Dog Whisper with Cesar Millan. Not only do I learn where I am going wrong with my own dog training but I am learning from him exactly how our energy changes the world around us.

I enjoy almost every aspect of his shows, from the dog training to the human training. Yes, you read that right. Most of the training is not about the dog, its about the human. Cesar doesn't hold back, he will tell you that if your dog has issues then its because of you. You change you, and your dog will also change.

One of his most classic statements is that Dogs live in the NOW, humans live in the past or the future. A dog can change in an instant when we change and live in the NOW. He tells the participants to stop, start to think and FEEL, be Calm, and to stop replaying the images in your mind of what you expect will happen (because of past events), and start playing images about what you want to happen. Cesar has said time and time again, that by replaying the old pictures in your mind you get the same result in the future.

Does the above sound very familiar?

Cesar talks nothing about the Law of Attraction or EFT, but he consistently talks about energy, and consistently tells everyone to think about how you want the picture to look like, and then FEEL the feelings and repeat the words in your mind..

This is exactly what all the teachers on Law of Attraction tell us..

Energy Correction in 2 Seconds

One of the most classic examples of how our energy vibrates out from us was illustrated in one of Cesar's Shows. He was at a work place where employees were allowed to take their dogs to work. Cesar was there to participate in rehabilitation of some of the troublesome dogs (and humans).

There was one dog in the audience which was yapping and yapping and yapping whilst sitting on the lap of the owner. Cesar called her forward and more or less told the lady that her energy was the cause of her dog yelping and yapping. The dog was still yapping right up until Cesar took the lead. Within 1 or 2 seconds the dog stopped yapping and sat next to Cesar. His explanation was that the dog instantly picked up his calm energy via the lead and the dog then mirrored that same calm relaxing energy.

What energy are you giving out as you go about your day.....

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Life is about learning, making mistakes and learning from them... I should know I have made plenty of them. Making mistakes is not the problem, not learning from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time can be a real pattern of problems.

But a lot of times our inability to learn is not our conscious fault, the negative and limiting programs replaying in our subconscious minds are usually where our blocks reside.

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