endometriosis growing somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. Besides conventional treatment, there are many types of traditional treatment are worths to talk about. In fact, many patients have preferred to treat their endometriosis with traditional medicine, because of cost effective and it has little or no side effects.

A. Essential Oils
I. Definition
Essential oils are also known as volatile or ethereal oil, it is extracted from plant material such as bars leaves, and roots and carries a distinctive scent. Essential oil has been used by herbalists in alternative medicine because of its curative effects.

II. How it works
The most popular or common way that the mixture of essential oils are usually used is through massage. Put enough dilute mixture of essential oil to cover your abdominal area and gently massage the abdominal area until the oil is fully absorbed into the skin. With warm hands and a gentle touch on the abdomen, it can help to relax muscles tensions and relieve anxiety and pain. Essential dilute massage oil commonly is used in aromatherapy and it is believed that the oils does enter the skin during massage.

III. Safety
a) Please consult with your doctor before taking any dilute blend of essential oils orally.
b) Do not come in contact with the sun after applying photo sensitive essential oils.
c) If you take any medicine, please talk to your doctor before using essential oil.
d) Keep your essential oil in a safe place and out of reach of children.
e) Store the essential oil in a cool and dry place, and avoid sun light every time after use.
Specific mixtures of essential oil is used to cure specific conditions, please read the direction of use and how to use it before applying. It is best to consult the store herbalist or pharmacist for safety purposes. Overuse or applying the wrong kind of mixture of essential oil will cause opposite effects, according to Chinese practitioners.

B. Herbs
In herbal medicine, the treatment of endometriosis not only provides medicine for pain but also emphasizes the underlining reason causing the pain.

1. Prostaglandins hormone treatment
Uterine tonic are important herbs that are used to treat pain for women with endometriosis pain. By improving the uterine tones, it helps to regulate the production of prostaglandins and keep them in check. By balancing the hormone prostaglandins in the reproductive organ during the menstrual cycle, it maintains the level of movement of uterus muscles making it easier for women with endometriosis to manage pain. Herbs used include dong quai and raspberry leaves.

2. Anti muscle spasmodic herbs
If the woman feels pain only in the cervix area caused by crampy flow or very little flow then a special herb or a group of herbs will be given to reduce the uterine muscle spasm and pain by bringing on menstrual flow. Herbs used include dioscorea and back cohosh.

3. How to bring on period flow
Congestive symptoms such as heavy dragging pain with late onset of period, then some herbs will be given to relieve the pain by bringing on menstrual flow. Herbs used in this group include all herbs classified as emmenagogues.

4. Hormone regulators
Herbs that are used to regulate prostaglandins, estrogen, and progesterone hormones such as vitexagus castus to reduce levels of congestive period and endometriosis pain.

5. Prostaglandins inhibitors
Herbs that are used to inhibit the excess level of prostaglandins hormone causing over-activity of uterine muscles include curcuma longa and ginger.

C. Chinese Herbs
In fact, both herbalists and Chinese practitioners aim to treat endometriosis pains by underlining its causes.
I. Definition
Chinese medicine has been used as the primary medication throughout Asia and it is considered an alternative medical system in much of the western world. In endometriosis, traditional Chinese medicine addresses the imbalance of Chi in the reproductive and other related organs and helps to re-establish the flow of Chi, thus leading to recovery.

II. Types of treatment
1. Regulates hormones
The Chinese herb with combination of bupleurum and peony makes a hormone enhancing medication that helps to restore hormonal imbalance in the reproductive system that causes symptoms of endometriosis such as menstrual cramps abdominal pain, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety, and depression.

2. Inhibits the excessive prostaglandins
Bupleurum and Rehmannia are a traditional Chinese medicine that have a liver tonic properties. By strengthening the liver, it helps to increase the synthesis protein and fat metabolism of the liver, thus inhibiting the excessive prostaglandins that cause an over-active uterus and endometrial pain.

3. Strengthens the immune system
Chinese tribulus terrestris is used as diuretic. By strengthening the liver it helps to boost the immune system, resulting in a reduced risk of endometriosis forming and decreases endometriosis cramps by increasing the level of fat metabolism.

4. Reduce menstrual cramps
Don quai is commonly known as a herb specially made for woman's reproductive system by nature. It includes substances that help to regulate a woman's period flow during the menstrual cycle as well as reducing the pain caused by hormone imbalance and weakness due to loss of blood. It is specially helpful to prevent forming of endometriosis and treating the causes of endometrial cramp.

D. Ayurveda
Ayurveda means life and science. It is one of the oldest alternative medicine originated from India. Its treatment technique aims to bring the balance of the body back, so it can heal itself.
After initial consultation and diagnosis, here are some common treatments that have been used in treating endometriosis.

1. Detoxifying
If diagnosis determines that endometriosis is caused by toxins within the body, detoxification may be applied to restore the body back to balance by getting rid of those unwanted substances.

2. Weaken immunity
If endometriosis is caused by the weakening of the immune system, patient may be given herbs in the form of pills, jellies, powders, or tonics to boost immunity levels and to stimulate the patient's appetite to eat food that help to boost immunity.

3. Blood stagnation
If blood stagnation is the cause of endometriosis, then the technique of drawing out stagnation of blood may be used
a) Hot stone therapy
The technique that penetrates heat deep into tissues to draw out blood.
b) Gua sha therapy
A technique that helps to draw blood from the surface using suction cups
c) Maxabusion therapy
It helps to draw out stagnation of blood and relieve pain well as muscle spasm.
4. Massage
Massage is a very important form of treatment for women with menstrual pain. By applying the premix Ayurvedic oil on the abdominal region and gentle massage until the oil dips into the skin it is said to reduce muscle spasms. Daily massage is very important for opening the channels, stimulating the digestion, removing toxins from the body and strengthening the immune system.

E. Massage
I. Definition
Massage is the practise of soft tissue manipulation with physical, functional, and in some cases psychological purposes used by masseur specialists to treat muscle pain and aggravates period by manipulating the client's body with pressure tension, motion manually or mechanical aids to release abdominal pain in case of endometriosis.

II. How it works
In endometriosis, by applying some drops essential oil to massage the abdominal region and gently massage until the oil is totally absorbed into the skin, is said to help to relieve the tension of abdominal muscle as well as reducing the contraction of uterine muscle. Most people use massage for relaxation, relief of stress, anxiety, and muscle soreness. Massage can also help the body to release natural painkillers and boost the immune system.

III. Types of massage
1. Therapeutic massage
Massage has been used in many cultures in the world for over 4,000 years. It is a manual manipulation of the body's soft tissue for the purpose of stimulating circulation of blood and muscular relaxation. In endometriosis, massage allows to relax uterine muscles and improve circulation of Chi in the abdomen. It is said to reduce menstrual cramps, prevent heavy period blood flow, and boost the immune system as well.

2.Relaxing massage
This type of massage mostly used to relax overworked muscles for people working in physical labor. It also helps to relieve stress in the work place. Gently massaging yourself is completely difference than those performed by professional masseur, if performed incorrectly you could hurt yourself.

F. Acupuncture
I. Definition
Acupuncture is one the oldest forms of Chinese medical treatments. It has been around for over 2500 years. It is a technique of inserting and manipulating the fine needles into specific energy points on the body with the aim of relieving pain and restoring the flow of energy known as Qi and blood stagnation. Chinese medical practitioners believe, by restoring the balance of Yin and Yang Qi, the body will heal itself.
II. How it works
a) Diagnosis Normally, the first session with a Chinese medicine practitioner, He or she will take your pulses and blood pressure and through a series of questions such as your living style, medical history, body function, and symptoms of the disease. These questions are used as a base to find a holistic pattern of disharmony in the body as well as forming a foundation for future treatment.
b) Find the causes Since each individual has a pattern that marks the foundation and progression of the disease it is important to diagnose the patient according to their own specific pattern because it is believed that there are many factors including blood stagnation, energy stagnation and deficiency, as well as cold and heat conditions that cause endometriosis.
c) Treatment The treatment of endometriosis with acupuncture usually involves placing fine needles on the energy points along the meridians on the abdomen, hands, and legs. Needles are usually retained for 30 to 45 minutes.
The acupuncture points and herbs chosen help to restore the free flow of energy and balance the qi in the body. In some cases, herbs are used to break up blood stagnation and stop pain depending on the diagnosis of the individual.

G. Acupressure
I. Definition
Since acupuncture involves using fine needles to treat endometriosis, acupressure is a system of applying pressure to the meridian points with the fingers.

II. How it works
Since Chinese practitioners believe that endometrial menstrual cramps are caused by qi and blood stagnation in related meridian points in the abdomen, hands and legs, by applying pressure to these points will help to restore the balance of qi as well as releasing the blood flow at the abdominal regions so the body can heal itself.
In fact, before acupressure can start there are several questions which you may be asked in details such as your family history living style, and how long symptoms have persisted. All these question are to ensure that the correct meridian point and herbs which will be used form a foundation in your treatment. Each section may require about 30 -45 minutes, you may feel some pressure when the acupressure technique is applied to your body, otherwise it is pain free.
Acupressure most of the time is used to treat symptoms of endometrial cramps due to blood stasis, qi stagnation, and phlegm and dampness. You may be given some herbs or Chinese herb tablets with you.
The treatment of endometrial cramps using acupressure technique may require at least 3 months to assure a good result. Please make sure you talk to your acupressure practitioner about the length of treatment. If this type of treatment is not covered under your insurance or Provincial health care plan, it may be costly.

H. Hydrotherapy
I. Definition
Hydrotherapy is defined as a type of medical treatment all involving water.

II. Types of hydrotherapy used in treating endometriosis

1) Local packings
The local packing consists of a wet sheet enveloping the abdomen, with a number of dry blankets packed tightly over it. The trapped abdominal heat causes the abdomen to be warmed and the sheet is re-wetted as it dries. Local packing is generally used to release the blood stagnation by stimulating the blood flow to the abdomen.

2) Sitz bath
A sitz bath is a type of bath in which only the hips and buttocks are soaked in water. It is said to reduce inflammation, infection and menstrual cramps.
a) Hot air bath
Hot air bath is one type of under water bath with hot air sprayed into the the water during the bath. It is said to increase blood flow in the body and reduce the pain caused by chronic illness, such as endometrial cramps.
b) General bath
General bath includes the rain, spray, shower, shallow, plunge, douche, and common morning sponge baths with combination of cold and hot water. It is said that general bath helps to increase the circulation of blood and reduce tension of muscles that cause heavy bleeding and endometriosis cramps.
c) Local bath
Local bath includes the sitz, douche, spinal, foot and head baths with hot or cold water. The sitz head and foot baths are used flowing on occasion. It is said that local bath is an effective treatment for reducing inflammation.

3) Compress
There are 2 types of compress
a) Hot compress
By placing a hot towel over a part of the body will increase blood flow to that part of the body. It is said hot compress will help to reduce regional pains.
b) Cold Compress
By placing a very cold towel over a part of the body will reduce the inflammation of that part of the body.

4. Under water massage
Generally it is for people who suffer from chronic pain. It is said that this technique will help to reduce pain during and after massage because aching tissues are supported under the water.

5. Under water exercise
Under water exercise is said help to relax abdominal muscles, thereby reducing the endometrial cramps.

6. Ice and water
Ice and water is put in a wrapped bag and placed on the pain area which helps to reduce inflammation.

I. Homeopathy

I. Definition
Homeopathy is one form of alternative medicine first discovered by Samuel Hahnemann in 1976. In his theory, Homeopathy is defined as a treatment that can be used on the ill person by using a substance produced by a healthy person. In other words, it helps to stimulate the body’s own defences to correct illness and allow the body to heal itself.

II. How it works
Homeopathic remedies are generally considered safe, it can be used for short term illnesses and chronic illnesses. It is widely used as non-conventional medicine in the world, along with traditional Chinese and herbal medicine. Since endometriosis is a chronic illness with conditions and symptoms that come and go according to the menstrual cycle, it may require more than one type of treatment.
The first session with your homeopath is always the longest meeting because your homeopath may want to know more about your family history of disease, your life style, your eating habits, or some unrelated questions. The more information which you provide to your homeopath, the more he or she knows about your disease such as what you like and dislike, or what makes you better or worse. All these questions help to determine the final diagnosis and develop a remedy or treatment plan strictly for him or her only.
Here are some ways homeopathy is used in treating endometriosis:
1. Lachesis
Lachesis is one type of homeopathy theory used to stop pain in the left ovary or reduce lower abdominal pain in premenstrual syndrome.

2. Calcarea Carbonica
Calcarea Carbonica is considered safe. Besides treating obsessive behavior, anxiety, fear of failure, and sleep disorders, it also helps to reduce pain on the left side of the uterus during menstruation.

3. Lilium tigrum
Lilium tigrum is one form of homeopathy that helps to stop anxiousness, weepiness, and pain in your ovaries that spreads down to your thighs.

4. Sepia
It is used to release pain of premenstrual syndrome and painful sexual intercourse.

5. Belladonna
It helps to release hot, restlessness and anxiousness, and sudden pain during menstruation.

J. Biochemical Cells Salt
I. Definition
Biochemical cell salt is a readily dissoluble mineral combination that our body needs to function better such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

II. How it works
Since deficiency of any mineral may lead to disease, by providing our body with necessary minerals it will help to correct any imbalance and eliminate disease in the body. German physician W. Schuessler recognized and categorized twelve cell salts in 1873 and they have been used in treating endometriosis since.
1) Calcium Fluoride
Calcium fluoride is found mainly in bone and teeth. Deficiency of calcium fluoride will cause heavy menstrual flow and pain, and constipation.
2. ) Calcium phosphate
Calcium phosphate deficiency causes painful uterine cramps, back pain, and cold hands and feet during menstruation.
3) Calcium sulfate
It helps to detoxify the body organ and reduce thick discharge from the vagina.
4. Iron sulfate
It helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the abdomen during menstruation.
5. Potassium chloride
Deficiency of potassium chloride causes a lengthy menstrual cycle and heavy menstrual flow. Intake of potassium chloride not only helps to correct above problems but also cleanse our body from blood stagnation.
6. Potassium phosphate
Potassium phosphate deficiency may cause nervous system disorder. Intake of potassium phosphate will help to relieve the nervous tension, and reduce heavy menstrual flow and pain in the abdomen.
7. Potassium sulfate
It helps to relieve symptoms of bloating in the abdomen region during menstrual cycle.
8. Magnesium phosphate
Magnesium phosphate deficiency causes severe abdominal pain and heavy menstruation. Some women who are deficient of magnesium phosphate may feel pain everywhere in their body during menstruation.
9. Sodium chloride
Sodium chloride deficiency causes anxiety and depression during menstruation.
10. Sodium phosphate
It helps neutralize acid in the body. Deficiency of sodium phosphate will increase discharge from the vagina.
11 Sodium sulfate
Deficiency of sodium sulfate increases the risk of constipation and abdominal pain during menstrual cycle.
12.Silicon dioxide
Silicon dioxide is an essential trace mineral for women with endometriosis. Deficiency of silicon dioxide causes heavy menstrual flow and constipation during menstruation.

K. Naturopathy
I. Definition
Naturopathy is also known as naturopathic medicine. It is a system of medicine based on the healing power of nature. Naturopathy is a holistic system, it uses every helpful tool to stimulate the body to heal itself such as foods, exercise, and diet.

II. How it work
Naturopathic medicine recognizes the self-healing process in the body by identifying and treating the causes of illness, rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms, so our body can heal itself. Here are the principles of naturopathy used in treating endometriosis:
a) Hormone balancing
Naturopathic medicine helps to restore the balance of estrogen in our body and prevent re-occurrences by correcting underlying hormonal problems rather than suppressing the body's own hormones. It helps to release the symptom of endometriosis during menstrual cycle.

b) Ensure normal menstrual flow
Besides re-balancing the level of estrogen, the diet plans also provide enough vitamins and trace minerals that are necessary for a normal menstrual flow.

c) Decrease breaking of capillary and uterine muscle spasm
Intake of necessary vitamins and trace minerals such as vitamin C and magnesium will help to reduce breaking of small vessels and uterine muscle spasms.

d) Strengthening the immune system immune system
Depending on diagnosis, if the weakened immune system is caused by low oxygen level in your blood and heavy flow of menstruation, then moderate exercise may be suggested and herbs that help to increase production of iron may be given.

e) Improve liver function
If in case the liver can not completely break down and remove excess estrogen, other hormones, and toxins, then liver cleansing herbs may be given.

f) Constipation.
Women with endometriosis commonly experience symptoms of constipation which increase the complication of their pain and hormonal imbalance. Flax seeds and dried fruits may be suggested together with dark green leaf juices.
Most of time, your treatment may include some combinations of above, depending what has been diagnosis and whenever it is necessary.
Since endometriosis is treatable and manageable by natural remedies and self help, if you have endometroisis, please look at the bright side.

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