It appears that the various weight loss companies who previously encouraged calorie counting and their own brand of food are now realising the eating is all in the head and are offering various ways to deal with “emotional eating”. Hypnotherapy for weight loss has always gone for the fact that the way we eat is a habit response and as such stored in the subconscious mind. Therefore, it makes sense that to reprogramme the mis- information already stored, it is necessary to access the subconscious mind and this is how hypnosis works. It is the key to the control centre of how we think, feel, see about ourselves and the world we occupy. You can learn how to not to reach for food every time you are happy or sad, it is about feeling the emotion you have and the information (whether good or bad) that needs to be assimilated.

To address the problem of over-eating, it is necessary to go back to the beginning, when you first realised you were fat, different from other children and then to take this impression and understand the choices you made with regard to food from that point – was it a self punishment or to punish others, something to do rather than be bored or perhaps food was always associated with love and of having full and plenty. Remember food is the one constant that has been present throughout your whole life. You would not survive if you didn’t receive food. And of course, the love that came with the food. With hypnosis, you can uncover this mystery that is your life and you know that logically you are taking too much food in and not exercising enough to and so you put on weight. You know that but why can’t you stop doing this. This is what hypnosis unravels. Why does your subconscious mind let you eat out of control? Is it protection, is it stop you leaving the house so you won’t get hurt. I am sure that as you watch the various weight loss shows like, like me, you wonder how they ever let themselves get to that size but as I type this, I have swapped my jeans for sweat pants because it is just after Christmas and my jeans are a little too tight. I wonder what would happen if I stayed in my sweat pants, would I even notice the weight gain until I had to put on day clothes.

The reasons why you create this protective wall, the reason why you lack the motivation to do something about it are all contained in your subconscious mind. By taking away the emotional connection with food, food is no longer an issue. It is something to keep you living. Your thoughts are no longer preoccupied by food and you can enjoy your life. You learn to appreciate the flavour, the texture of food, giving time to the meal and then making the momentous decision to just stop when you are satisfied, not when full but when satisfied. We cannot change the past but with hypnosis, you can learn to take away the emotive element so that your present and your future can be different.

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Zita Stanley is a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist working in Dublin and Laois, Ireland. I have experienced the wonderful benefits for hypnosis and I want to help others make positive changes in their lives. My motto is "life is to be enjoyed, not endured".