Isn't is too often the case that when we're feeling strong emotions which distress us that we are also encountering negative thoughts about our personal dramas. Whether the thought or emotion comes first is not important. What's relevant is that emotions and thoughts are inter-related. And what's most important is that we can control our thoughts and emotions and then what comes out of our mouth.

That way we can stop hurting those who are closest to us and our most loved ones because of the intimacy of our relationships, are hurt the most by our hurtful words.

What I've discovered through years of working with chakras is that if I don't regularly cleanse my solar plexus chakra and cut unwanted and unauthorized energy cords that I'm more prone to getting angry and say words which I later regret.

Through the basic course in pranic healing I have learned how to do this. Cut cords.

When I'm not aware or conscious of my emotions and thoughts then I'm more likely to speak without having monitored how I'm feeling and thinking at that particular time.

Also I've discovered the importance of controlling one's thought energies, maintaining positive and nurturing thoughts.

As soon as I allow myself to dwell on the negative aspects of my reality that's when I lose control of my emotional center or solar plexus chakra. It quickly becomes overactive and the negative thought and emotional energies which occupy my aura space take control of my throat chakra and I spout out venomous diatribes which are not truly representative of my soul space or being.

Afterwards I find myself saying to myself: what was that about? Where did that come from? And I recognize that I have allowed my emotional body to get congested and over-active.

So I meditate on my heart and ajna chakra while cleansing my solar plexus chakra with positive intent.

We are what we think, and we feel as we think. So I make every effort to maintain control over my thoughts, cleansing out negative and destructive thought energies which inhabit my mental aura.

Some people don't know about auras and others speak with confusion about their nature and essence.

The esoteric teachings compiled by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui tell us that we have an etheric or auric body which connects to and surrounds our physical body; this is the nearest energy body to our physical body. This aura is the one which integrates the life force or prana with our organs and body's functions.

The next aura is our emotional body which is attached to our solar plexus chakra and liver. This aura is occupied by feeling entities or emotional entities.

The next layer of aura is our mental body which is attached to our throat and ajna centers. This aura is populated by thought forms and thought entities.

The last outer aura is our spiritual aura attached to our pineal gland, crown chakra and to the higher soul located approximately one foot above the crown.

These auras are energy bodies and have different colours as they are attached to different chakras or energy centers:

the physical aura being more likely red or orange focusing on the basic, sex, and navel chakras controlling survival, reproduction, and identity.

The emotional aura being yellow to green associated with solar plexus and heart chakras.

The mental body or aura is progressing from the green into the blue and indigo associated with the throat and ajna chakras.

The spiritual body or aura is blue to violet and associated with the forehead, crown, and higher soul.

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Author's Bio: 

Roger Fontaine is a registered massage therapist and associate pranic healer who is operating a massage clinic offering therapeutic and stress-reduction table services and mobile service for chair massage in the workplace for special events, fundraisers, tournaments, celebrations, and any other function which requires a unique special feature. I have been operating at Shapes Fitness Centre at 12-1150 Nairn Avenue in Elmwood Winnipeg since 2004, previously having operated a home residential clinic since 1999.