There is no health without emotional health. Over 90% of all illnesses are caused by mental and emotional stress. It is the number one reason for doctor visits in America today and the psychiatric drugs prescribed are second only to painkillers.

Emotional pain is an umbrella term for: fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, depression, shame or feeling hopeless. The associated physical symptoms can go from: racing heartbeat, fatigue or muscle tension to insomnia and nightmares. Following a traumatic event, the symptoms don’t always develop immediately, it could take weeks, months or years to develop.

When it comes to treatment, people assume there are medical drugs, talk-therapy and everything is going to be fine. What they don’t know is that the effect of medical drugs on emotional pain is temporary. At the beginning they seem to relieve the pain, but the effect will last as long as you are under the influence. As soon as the medical drug wears off, the emotional pain is back.

Suppressing one's emotions with drugs often leads to a later explosion of those emotions. Untreated properly, emotional problems can lead to desperate measures as people try to compensate with other means like alcohol or recreational drugs. And that’s when everything gets really complicated and tough.

When treating emotional pains we don’t deal with physical level, we deal with highly vibrational states: emotions. Our emotions cannot be treated and healed with physical means like chemical drugs, herbs or supplements. This is the reason why emotional problems are so difficult to treat and heal, why the standard procedures are so ineffective or make the condition even worse.

No physical remedy can have a major impact on this field, unless it is vibrational in nature as well. And these are homeopathic remedies. I am not talking here about the regular homeopathic remedies you find in health food stores, or you buy from your homeopath. I am talking about the new TML homeopathic formulas: EMX, EML and SDI. They were clinically tested for the past five years and provide a truly effective treatment, able to remove and heal the deepest emotional traumas.

EMX: for extreme emotional traumas, deep fear, despair or terror, when
​ the individual feels he reached the 'rock bottom'

EML: for deep, persistent emotional pains like: guilt, depression, fear,
anger, shame, PTSD

SDI: for stress, anxiety, insomnia and all the tensions of life

“As someone who has used homeopathy and other complimentary medicines for years (long having given up on conventional medicine) I have to tell you SDI is a breakthrough remedy. It is unique in its ability to cleanse what I call internal tension. Just a few days after starting SDI I began to experience a profound feeling of calm and mental relaxation. I began to smile, be able to ‘go with the flow’, and I found my activities to be easy. SDI is always good - like a vacation from life.” Vincent C.

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Virgil has been practicing homeopathy since 1996. He received his diplomas from The British Institute For Homeopathy and from Homeopathic Master Clinician School. He is a member of Canadian Society for Homeopaths and has a practice in Vancouver, BC. You can contact him by phone at 604.442.4305 or go to