Unresolved emotions you have pushed away over time or judged as bad are injurious to your health. Stuffed feelings move deeper into your cells and tissues and become the causes of such things as digestive, elimination, organ function disturbances, and very scary medical diagnoses. Consider loving those emotional boo boos into wholeness the next time they show up for you. Offer your cells and tissues large doses of loving kindness. It’s easier than you think.
You can tell when you’ve been holding on to or brewing an emotion. When it finally does come up it’s explosive like a volcanic rage, or you cry for half an hour or all day about some little thing, or you’ve been worrying about the same seemingly trivial thing for years.
Old school for healing emotions was years of sitting with a counselor or therapist remembering and facing every crappy experience. Catharsis was big. Newer, less traumatic options besides screaming and yelling can encourage your release from emotional boo boo bondage. No matter what you choose, energy healing self-help is a valuable complement.
Start right where you are in this moment. Imagine loving every part of your self, the good stuff and the bad.
When you judge your feelings as harmful, bad, and shameful, you disassociate or separate parts of your self (shadow side). Today we know that your cells respond in a nano-second to your thoughts and feelings. That can be harmful or harmonizing. Every one of those feelings you push away or deny, suppress or judge to be not good, or someone else judges for you to be not good are pieces of you that you can bring into wholeness with love.
Years ago a spiritual teacher talked about the importance of healing your emotions. He said you could know God best through your feelings. My teacher gave this analogy.
If you fall down and severely cut your elbow so blood and bone are exposed, your immediate, innate response is to pull your elbow close to you and do whatever it takes to bring the elbow back to full health and usefulness. You go to the hospital. You might even kiss it like your grandmother used to do for you as a child. You will surely hold it to your body to stop the bleeding while you get more help. You baby your healing elbow, protect it from bumps, and keep it clean. Eventually nurturing it back to full health because you need to be able to use your elbow, right?
Do the same for your emotions and feelings: nurture them back to full usefulness. You need emotional balance more than you require your elbow. This is important because healthy emotions are a doorway to a sensitive awareness of things that are not physical and cannot be seen with physical eyes.
Parts of you, sticky thoughts and feeling pieces, sometimes called the shadow side, may be returned to wholeness, neutral; that place of being without any emotional “charge” good or bad. Consider lovingly drawing closer to you like an injured elbow, your emotional “elbows” or boo boos. Raising your feelings and emotions to a compassionate level of understanding connects you to a Force that is felt like Grace is felt.
How do you actually do this “loving into wholeness” thing? Begin by observing, being present with a feeling. When you find yourself judging or self-loathing or hating yourself or another person, shift the disturbance this way. Catch yourself when something is bad, shameful, obnoxious, rude, resentful, ridiculous, and say to yourself, preferably out loud: “I love the part of myself that is rude,” or “I love the part of myself that is mean,” or “I love the part of myself that I see reflected in that person who is being disrespectful to Mother Earth.”
This might be a stretch, I know, I’ve been there. It really tests your mettle. Do you really mean it? And it gets easier. Love when you recognize judging. Love when you recognize hating. Love when you recognize shaming or belittling.
Can you imagine, for example, how loving the parts of yourself that you judge as ugly might have something to do with whatever parts of you want to continue to “attack yourself” as in an auto-immune disease? It is the same for any disease: cancer, AIDS, diabetes, heart disease. You may have to repeat self-love and healing your emotional elbows or boo boos a number of times to have a physical impact, especially deep-seated issues. Or, will you?
This is where the Instant Healing Zone comes in. One of the most exciting benefits of applying regular Healing Touch Quick Steps self-induced healing is that calling on additional Source energy to unburden and uplift your energies, frees up stuck energy. It doesn’t matter how long energy has been stuck. It is simply stuck energy that needs to be flowing cleanly. The fact is Source – Creative Intelligence, Big Picture energy, “The Force” that Edgar Cayce used to call it, is bigger than any earthly disturbance, faster than the speed of light. It is unconditional love. You access this for healing.
Right now you can apply a Healing Touch Quick Step called Love Your Self; the perfect one to give yourself when an emotional boo boo or shadow begins ruling your present moment.
Cross your hands in front of you and gently grab your opposite mid-upper arms (thumb on inside of arm, the rest of your fingers on the outside of the arm). Relax your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers and simply be with your body’s natural system of healing for a minute or so. Then wrap your thumb and fingers around your left INDEX finger. Again, relax your shoulders, hands, arms and fingers. Comfortably breathe for a minute or so. Then switch hands and wrap your thumb and fingers around your right INDEX finger for another minute or so, breathing normally all the while. Then wrap your thumb and fingers around your left LITTLE finger and simply be in the hold for a minute or so. Then finally switch sides and wrap your thumb and fingers around your right LITTLE finger for the same amount of time.
Supporting your shadow effect healing, bringing your emotional elbows or boo boos into wholeness may be that simple. Actively love your separated parts as they show up, and nourish your body-mind-spirit energies with Healing Touch Quick Steps. Drawing your emotional elbows into yourself with compassion expands your connection with Source-Creative Intelligence. Starting with yourself, healing your own emotional boo boos makes it easier for you to feel kindness for others.

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Self-healing activist and author of best selling and award-winning Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul, Barbara J. Semple is also a certified integrative healing arts practitioner and a pioneer in the field of mind-body self-help.