Healthy marriages take work. Yes, marriage can be blissful, but it still demands time and effort. It also requires attentiveness, empathy, togetherness, consideration, and plenty of tender loving care.

Of course, marriages end all the time. Every day, people seek divorce mediation in New Jersey, Australia, and all over the globe. And, when a marriage falls apart, it's often because the partners neglected certain fundamentals. It's easy to do.

With that in mind, here are somepractical ways to strengthen a union and make it last.

1. Keep Talking

Communication is the key to any working relationship — precise, open, constant, and honest communication free of bitterness and belittlement.

Before you even get married, it's wise to accept that you won't always agree with your spouse. Who cares? Constant agreement would be boring. If you view each other as equals, you can see your disagreements as exciting exchanges of ideas.

Whenever you want something to change, speak up. Tell hubby he is spending too much time watching TV and ignoring you. Let her know she's leaving crumbs all over the kitchen floor.

If you don't respectfully voice your displeasure, it will rot in your mind no matter how trivial the issue. It could lead to hostility and estrangement for no good reason.

Here's the other side of the coin: Don't forget to express your gratitude frequently. Share your appreciation thoughtfully and enthusiastically when your partner does something special for you — gives you a backrub, offers a ride to work when your car breaks down, and so forth.

Indeed, compliment your spouse often and in lots of different ways. Doing so helps you see the best in your partner. And the goodwill from those kind words will endure.

2. Forgive Even When It's Difficult

Forgive your spouse. Sure, it's easy to say and often hard to do. But it can save a relationship.

It may help to remind yourself that people can say and do things they don't mean when they're stressed or when they're in the heat of an argument.

Naturally, if you feel your spouse has said something hurtful, say so. Ask your partner never to repeat that mistake. Afterward, let that mistake go. Try to forget it. And strive to never bring it up again, especially during a subsequent argument.

As it's often said, forgiveness isn't merely a gift for the person who's wronged you. It's also a gift for yourself, one that can help you feel whole again.

3. Mind Your Finances

Financial problems frequently ruin relationships.

As such, you and your spouse should both know all the details of your financial life: your assets, your monthly savings, your monthly expenditures, and so on. Neither person should have money hidden from the other.

In addition, you should both feel free to spend a certain amount of money on whatever you'd like each year, independent of one another. At the same time, you should have a budget that you both agree on. Stick to that budget faithfully and adjust it each year as necessary.

What about large purchases like new cars? Well, you should first discuss what to buy, when, and where. If you disagree, you should both articulate your points thoroughly.

Have a system in place for making those tough economic decisions promptly. You take turns making them. Or you accept the advice of a trusted relative or friend, someone who's savvy with finances.

4. Make Time for Each Other

Each week, prioritize being together as much as possible.

Instead of cocooning yourselves in separate rooms at night, find movies you can watch together. Cook or do chores alongside one another. Take long walks with each other and work out together. It makes exercising more fun.

Once a week, go on a married date. It needn't be expensive. You could play miniature golf, go bowling, dine out, see a show, or walk around the mall. Such occasions are priceless.

Keep trying new things, too. Sample new cuisines. Travel to new cities. Meet new people through social and athletic clubs. Doing these things lets you maintain a sense of freshness and discovery.

For sure, always be available for intimacy as well.

Of course, every marriage is unique, just as every person is unique. Therefore, you can adapt these tips to make them work for you.

At the same time, most people have certain traits in common. For instance, human beings usually crave love and respect. Thus, if you keep finding ways to show your love and respect for the one you're spending your life with, your marriage should flourish for a long time to come.

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