Have you ever been asked to change or told something is going to change in your life, in your career or in your relationships? How did that feel? Did you embrace the idea or did you go running out of the room screaming your head off? Change can be difficult, but as sure as the sun is going to rise in the morning, change will come into your life. Many people fight change as they are comfortable with where they are at. They feel "set in their ways"; they don't want to "rock the boat"; they like things "just the way they are". Some people even find themselves terrified of change, immobilized and completely powerless to move forward. I know that in my life, I must determine to accept change as it comes my way, because I too like to "stay in my comfort zone".

I want to challenge you with this thought: staying in your comfort zone can be unhealthy for you, physically, mentally and spiritually. For example, as a child when you were growing up, if you didn't buy new shoes and clothes as you grew, you would be uncomfortable. Your feet would hurt, your clothes would be too small. You would feel uncomfortable going outside wouldn't you? I know that I would.

If you struggle with accepting change and moving forward, here are some tips that I am confident will help you.

1) Ask for clarification as to what the change will mean to you personally. How will it affect you? Clearly have the parameters of change defined for you.

2) Turn to someone you trust to talk about the change and how you feel about it. Express yourself honestly and ask them for feedback on your feelings about the change that is coming. Ask them to help you walk through the change in your minds eye to get a clear picture.

3) Visualize yourself embracing the change with anticipation and excitement. Take it on as a challenge to be conquered in victory. See yourself in your new situation, enjoying it.

4) Get a coach to help you set some goals in regards to the change that is coming. If it is personal, professional, financial, emotional, health and wellness related, or relationship change, a coach can help you walk through the change, support you and help you see the bright future that is ahead of you.

By embracing change, you embrace your life and all the tremendous, powerfully good things that come with it.

My name is Cathy Toupin and I am a Certified Professional Coach. If you would like to chat about this or you would like my help in coaching you: please contact me at successfulchangecoaching@gmail.com.

Many blessings to you.

Author's Bio: 

Cathy is a graduate of the Certified Professional Coaching course with Fowler Wainwright International. Cathy is based out of Calgary, Alberta where she has been living for the past eight years. She is married and has two adult children, one of whom is married. She is also an ordained pastor and is certified in Lay Counseling, since 1989. Cathy is currently working on a degree as well as continuing to build her life coaching business. Cathy’s primary purpose is to make a difference in the world by helping people be all they can be.