No one likes to know that hundreds of e-mail addresses will be investigated, chosen and verified next week. It is boring enough to make you self-sufficient, but every error is expensive.

It is in other words one of the boring forms of marketing that we are all fond of hating. After all, 400 emails are no good if they’re all blocked by spam filters. I knew there had to be a better way than Googling the target audience, so I tested 9 email lookup tools and managed to find one with 92% accuracy. Not only that, I also had an overview of why many of these instruments are worse than they were first. But let's get to the testing – enough about that.

Slik Prospector

Slik Prospector is an extension to Chrome that allows you to collect email addresses through your LinkedIn profile. Just click on the additional button on the profile that Slik created and the e-mail of the person ready to go. I have high expectations for this tool, with a delivery rate of 95%. It is easy to use, has a lot to say about ProductHunt (but almost 800 upvotes at the time) and can export leads to a CSV server.

When you login (if you're not identified, it doesn't count), you get 25 free email surveillance, which begins at $30 a month and adds another 300 credits a month.


RocketReach is a web-based application that enables you to access emails using a name, business or LinkedIn profile URL. It is a convenient halfway point between tools that find email addresses from the domain of a company and those that search for emails from specific people. RocketReach also offers access to the social media accounts of your searched contact.

You only get 3 contact searches per month while it has a free plan. The pricing then starts on a monthly basis at $49 for 170 searches (which also support you 24/7). Higher plans will also synchronize your results with Salesforce and allow you to access the full API.


Hunter (previously Email Hunter) is a Chrome plugin-based web-based e-mail search tool for easy use. It lets you search for a domain of the company and lists each e-mail address located on that domain.

This also gives a "trust scoring" of each outcome, shows the webpages from which the address was gathered, and has a separate check tool to tell how likely an e-mail will bounce. After all, if the whole thing begins to bounce, there is no point in trying to increase the click rate.
The free scheme contains 150 "demands" a month, but CSV exports are locked up in paid schemes. Payments begin for 1,000 requests at $39 per month.

The "demand" is counted as a domain search, with a new "quest" to see the following 10 emails gathered from a search. The results are found (10 are shown at a time). When using the checking tool in an email address, a "request" is also included.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a free Gmail app, allowing you to search the company domain for 40 e-mail addresses every month.

The major benefit of Connect is that you can use it without leaving Gmail. By installing this, it lets you search for email addresses by placing one button at the top of your Gmail interface. You just have to click on it to create a new message for this individual if you find one to use.

Email Format

This is like the Hunter Email Format, because it is a web-based tool that can search for email addresses for a company domain. However, format is focused on finding the most likely e-mail address format in that field.

Design is essential, but the confidence score is given to each site email formulation and you can view the email addresses in a second tab for each site. Export your results to an Excel file for $5 a month.

Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful tool which removes usernames from Web pages from email addresses. The first step in the success of your email campaign is a targeted email list. After entering e-mail Hunter's Web addresses, it collects and gathers in a matter of minutes thousands of e-mail addresses.

To those seeking rapid e-mail extraction with complex filtering rules, this easy-to-use software provides a strong solution.

Clearbit Prospector

Clearbit Prospector, the elderly and more professional Clearbit Connect company, is a much bigger product to collect large numbers of e-mails at once by searching manually for types of people on specific domain (for example, " engineers") or by integrating with other programs.

People Search

Workable People Search is close to the key resources tested previously – it's a Chrome plugin that allows you to look for someone's name to display a profile that gathers data from Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc.
You've managed to locate the right Ben, Ina, and Mike email addresses, but a free scheme limits 3 searches daily and a maximum of 10 searches monthly. After that, the "Recruiter Card" is available for $300 a month without a search cap.

Author's Bio: is an e-mail finder to boost e-mail marketing by supplying the e-mail addresses. The e-mail finder verifies whether or not an e-mail is authentic. It saves the blacklisting of your IP.

This b2b email finder needs the first, final name, domain of the business from which you can access the links. When the information is entered, the email finder searches the email addresses. You can then use these e-mail addresses to complete your cold e-mails.